Woodstock Community Library Hosts Folk Artists, Basket Weaving, & Crafters Fellowship

woodstock alabama folk artists

The Woodstock Community recently hosted Nell S. Mathews Basket Weaving/Folk Art fellowship and is delighted to announce that the group will continue to meet at the library.

Special thanks is extended to Mrs. McElroy, Mrs. Deloach, and Mrs. Tibbs for allowing us to photograph and showcase these works of art.

The smallest basket was made by the late Aunt Lennie Sansing who taught herself the timeless folk art form at the age of 71.

Her memory and heritage continues every Thursday morning, here at the library!

If you’re interested in crafting with others please drop by any Thursday 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.

(Special note: the library will be closed Thursday, Feb. 9 for a state librarians meeting and during any holiday period that falls on a Thursday.)

205-938-0008 or Library@townofwoodstockal.com for more information.woodstock alabama folk artists

Town of Woodstock, Alabama “Light the Night” Photos

Thank you to the team that turns the Woodstock Town Hall complex into a Polar Express themed Winter Wonderland!

Mayor Jeff Dodson

Tiffney Cook McCulley, Town Clerk

Dorinda Smith, Court Clerk

Jay Mathews, Facilities Manager

Frankie Thrasher Grammer, Director of Senior Center

Larry West, Building Inspector

Town of Woodstock Schedules 7th Annual Light the Night for Dec. 2

The 7th Annual “Light the Night” is headed your way Woodstock!

Mark your calendars for Friday, December 2nd and invite a friend to the free 7th Annual “Light the Night/Polar Express” event at the Woodstock Town Hall complex from 5-8 PM.

New this year:
Food trucks and a dining car in the Woodstock Senior Center!
(The 3 B’S and Trackside BBQ.)

Returning for more fun:
DJ Mike Hodge & Atlas Entertainment LLC
Free Polar Express train rides from Peabody Party Rental
Free family photo with Santa
Magical Tree Lighting with Mayor Jeff Dodson

Free Hot Chocolate is sponsored this year by Greg Findlay, youth pastor at First Baptist Woodstock. Amy Elmore and the West Blocton High School Auxiliary will return for 2022 to provide a festive spirit of cheer that we’ve all come to love.

Historic Homes of Woodstock, Alabama

Thank you to Mrs. Sherry Boothe for sharing these photos and information!

The Killian House History, Woodstock, Alabama.

The Killian House was built around 1871 by Jacob U. Ray and his wife L. E. Ray. The Killian House inherited it’s name due to the Killian family occupying the home for the longest period of time.

Sam Rolen and his wife Lizzie purchased the house in 1924. Sam was elected Justice of the Peace. During this time the railroad depot was located approximately a block from the house. Mr. Rolen was honored in performing marriages ceremonies for couples traveling through on the train.

The Killian House was also a boarding house, providing new people a place in town to stay.

The Killian House, Woodstock, Alabama.
The Ed Hamilton House (Now Killian House) and the Kinard House, Woodstock, Alabama.
The Ray House, Built 1872 in Woodstock, Alabama

The William Sydney Hayes Family of Woodstock, Alabama

The Hayes Family, written by the late Samuel Dowdle

William Sydney Hayes, son of Andrew Wilson Hayes was born in Burke County N.C. Dec 19 1821 and died Nov 22 1895 and is buried Greenpond

He married Irene Smith Moore who was born Aug 11 1823 died April 26 1906 at Woodstock, Alabama, buried at Greenpond. She was the daughter of Mike Moore and Nancy Smith Moore. She was the sister of Sarah Starr Moore Dowdle.

Their children 

  1. Nancy Jane born Nov 24 1845 died Nov 29 1916 she married William D Wood
  2. Micheal Young Hayes born June 19 1848 died July 28 1895 He married Mattie A. Hickman
  3. Mary Rebecca Hayes born Jan 7 1852 died Jan 6 1896 she married James M Mason
  4. An unnamed daughter who died young
  5. Andrew Wilson (Prof. Baldy) Hayes born Sept 7 1855 buried at Greenpond. He married Josie Going
  6. Sarah Louise Hayes unmarried buried at Greenpond
  7. William Robert Smith Hayes born Feb 7 1862 died April 30 1930 buried Greenpond. Never married and ran a store (which burned) at Woodstock, Ala for some time.
S. Dowdle

History of Bibb County, Alabama, Schools by Professor A. W. Hayes (Part 1)

Part 1 of article written by Professor A. W. Hayes, May 1, 1935

A movement is being put forth to get a brief history of some of the older schools in Bibb County, and the writer has been asked to write briefly of the school in the Woodstock – Green Pond community. 

The citizens of this vicinity have always set great store on their school. With varying degrees of prosperity, this has been an educational center nearly a century. In the early 1840’s the interest in education ran high. As proof of this, the fact is mentioned that in 1846 a stock company was formed, a tract of land secured, and adequate buildings erected of pretentious character: – a two-story school building, a two-story dwelling for the principal of the school and a large dormitory for the accommodation of the young people who were being attracted to the school.

(Photo courtesy of historian Vicki George Kes.)

All three of these buildings were still standing during the early recollection of this writer, 1860 to 1870.

In the late 1840s and 1850s the school flourished greatly. During these years a noted educator named Meriwether was principal, who later associated himself with a young man named Lelias Law. These two men contacted the school until 1857 when a young man by the name of W. W. Moore succeeded to the principal ship of the school. He continued at the head of the school until 1861. In that year. In that year  quite a number of young men and women in the adjoining community wanted to attend school so their parents built a schoolhouse and paid Mr. Moore a handsome sum to move the school there.

To be continued

Woodstock Senior Center Celebrates Halloween

WOODSTOCK, Ala., October, 31, 2022— The Woodstock Senior Center celebrated Halloween 2022 with a costume contest, luncheon and bingo. Barbecue Sliders from Promise Land BBQ were greatly enjoyed and the peanut butter & chocolate fudge from Sharon’s Sweet Shop of McCalla, Alabama was rated A+ by the crowd.

Looking Back: Bibb County’s Teen John Doe Finally Identified (2021)

Written 2021 by Michele Baucom Dickey

Bibb County’s Teen John Doe Finally Identified!

Daniel Paul Armantrout. Age 16. Died in 1961 in Bibb County.

Missing since 1961, Danny’s identification makes him the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s oldest subject ever to have their case solved through the process of genetic genealogy.

The research was funded by Gray Hughes of Gray Hughes Investigates and his YouTube fans who affectionally refer to themselves as FREAKS. 🙂 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q9IKnIA5_Xc

The research team from Identifinders International was the world renowned Dr. Colleen Fitzpatrick, along with genealogists Misty Gillis and Allison Peacock.

Danny ran left home due to family problems with a stepfather. His parents (Alfred Valentine Armantrout and Virginia Berner Armantrout had divorced in 1946.)

He assumed at that time that this man (Hamilton) had legally adopted him and his brothers.

(The three brothers of the family were told they were legally adopted by the stepfather, but this was false.)

His older brother Donald joined the army and looked for Danny for years, never knowing he died in Bibb County in 1961.

Danny’s older brother David is also missing.

The genealogy research solved this one through twist and turns of several NPE’s (not parent expected) and false adoptions.

Buried in Centreville since 1961, Bibb County’s teen Joe Doe finally has his name.

Many people never forgot this boy, chief among them being Mr. Jim Oakley.

He wrote the first story about the boy, served as a pallbearer at the funeral and brought the case before the public many times throughout the years.


Live stream at 7 CST: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=q9IKnIA5_Xc

Details: https://web.archive.org/web/20211030231501/http://www.doenetwork.org/cases/2844umal.html

The Ray – Strickland Cemetery, Woodstock, Alabama

Ray Cemetery (ALGENWEB)

Ray Cemetery (FINDAGRAVE)


WOODSTOCK, Ala., Oct. 28, 2022 – Mrs. Linda Sansing and her husband Sidney W. Sansing visited the Ray – Strickland Cemetery in October of 2022 with several people from the First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Alabama. She reports that the road/path is hard to traverse and it was an intense hike for the group. She also reports that the fenced in area of the cemetery is well kept. Mr. Sidney Sansing reports that there are several graves outside the fenced area, in the surrounding woodland.

We greatly appreciate Mr. and Mrs. Sansing for sharing the photos with the library.

Thank you also to historian Vicki George Kes for generously sharing her historical knowledge and photos of Woodstock, Alabama.

33.217209, -87.160247

Woodstock, Bibb County, AL
Copied by Mr. & Mrs. S. J. Vining, & Mrs. G. E. Chesser. circa 1946, vol 1
v. 1-3 – FHL US/CAN Film [ 824253 ]

Beville, E. A. b. 3 Mar. 1848, d. 7 April 1890, married to A. J. Beville.

Boyd, Lillie O. b. 1 Aug. 1894, d. 28 Oct. 1910 [This may be a typo or inscription error. The actual date of death is more probably 1920.] Wife of T. G. Boyd.

Burk, Lizzie E., b. 22 Oct. 1871, d. 21 May 1888.

Franklin, Elizabeth, b. 10 Jan. 1888, d. 11 July 1913.


George, Edgar, b. 13 July 1900, aon of Wm. and Mrs. Dovie George, d. 31 July 1900.

George, Horace Barma, b. 16 Nov. 1896, son of Wm. and Mrs. Dovie George, d. 31 Dec. 1899.


Hays, Leander, b. 21 April 1800, d. 1 Mar. 1867, Ape 66 years 10 mos. [Great-grandfather of Professor Azor Daniel Hayes.]

Hays, Susan S. b. 15 Sept. 1810, d. 15 Mar. 1888, Age 77 years 5 mos. 21 days, Wife of Leander Hays.


Herring, Emeline, b. 7 Sept. 1893, Age 75 years. Wife of P. I. Herring.

Herring, P. I. b. 13 Dec. 1820, d. 11 Oct. 1884, Husband of Emeline Herring.

Hoofer, Susan, b. 25 Oct. 1862, d. 1 Oct. 1886.


Jones, Benjamin F. b. 10 May 1861, d. 6 Feb. 1899.

Jones, Emma J. b. 20 May 1878, d. 21 May 1906. Wife of W. S. Jones.


Lawson, Abram, b. 2 Dec. 1836, d. 15 Nov. 1899.

Lawson, Gena, b. 15 Sept. 1831, Wife of J. H. Lawson, d. Age 46 years.

Lawson, Mariah, d. 5 Feb. _____, Age 93 years.

Lightsey,Willie, b. 16 Aug. 1885, d. 24 Aug. 1920.


Ray, Annie , b. 14 April 1863, d. 4 Sept. 1932, Wife of B. D. Strickland.

Ray, Cynthia C. b. 1 May 1819, d. 3 Jan. 1959, (sic) Age 39 years 8 mos. 2 days.

Ray, Elizabeth, b. 23 June 1840, d. 2 Dec. 1858.

Ray, Jacob Usery, Dr. b. 4 May 1864, d. 5 Oct. 1939, Husband of Laura J. Ray.

Ray, J. U. Dr. [Sr.] 28 Apr 1836 – 7 May 1900 (aged 64)

[Information from historian and author Barry George. Photo of Dr. Ray Sr. courtesy of historian Vicki George Kes.]

Ray, James, b. 8 Aug. 1846, d. 1857, Age 11 years 3 mos.

Ray, James, b. 20 Mar. 1812, (Flint River.) d. 23 Mar. 1866, In N. Y.

Ray, James B. b. 24 Aug. 1860, d. 28 Aug. 1888.

Ray, James W. b. 7 Sept. 1852, d. 23 Dec. 1856.

Ray, Laura J. b. 12 Oct. 1844, d. 30 Mar. 1871, Wife of Dr. J. N. Ray.

Ray, Rebeca, b. 3 Sept. 1844, d. Age 1 year.

Ray, William L. b. 3 Jan. 1863, d. 9 Nov. 1896.


Rodgers, Elizabeth, b. 11 Dec. 1808, d. 3 Oct. 1899. [Baptists of Bibb County, Alabama, by Howard F. McCord, birth year listed as 1818]

Rodgers, John E. b. 5 June 1818, d. July 22, ____. Husband of Elizabeth Rodgers. [Baptists of Bibb County, Alabama, by Howard F. McCord: death date listed as July 22, 1886]

Rodgers, John F., b. 24 May 1856, d. 6 Oct. 1899. [Baptists of Bibb County, Alabama, by Howard F. McCord: death date listed as Oct 6, 1887]

Roles, Martha (Miss.) b. Wilks Co. Ga. d. 14 Jan. 1872, Age abt. 68 years.

Sanders, Emaline G. b. 22 Feb. 1888, d. 14 Jan. 1915.


Strickland, B. D. b. 16 Nov. 1862, d. 1941.

Strickland, Bessie B. b. 24 Mar. 1890, dau. of B. D. Strickland and Annie Ray, d. 30 July 1892.


Sullivan, Clay M. b. 23 Sept. 1901, son of J. E. and Mrs. R. N. Sullivan, d. 13 Sept. 1902.

Sullivan, Frank W. b. 29 June 1890, son of J. E. and Mrs. R. N. Sullivan, d. 29 Dec. 1892.

Sullivan, John E. b. 3 Jan. 1866, d. 3 May 1907.

Sullivan, Sadie M. b. 24 Dec. 1905, dau. of J. E. and Mrs. R. N. Sullivan, d. 23 Dec. 1906.

Wells, Mary Elizabeth, b. 2 Aug. (? 1978) (prob. 1878,) d. 8 Mar. 1900. (sic)

Editors note: You may find that the ALGENWEB list and the Find-a-Grave list vary.

If you love history and great photos, be sure and follow Vicki George Kes and her Woodstock, Alabama and Surrounding Communities Facebook page!

Azor Hayes Obituary


WOODSTOCK – Azor Daniel Hayes, age 88, of Woodstock, Alabama passed away July 22, 2016. He was the tenth child of eleven born to Albert Carroll Hayes and Sarah Ann Lewis Hayes of Vance, Alabama. He was a member of the Woodstock United Methodist Church. He served his church and community in many capacities. He was past Governor of Alabama Central District of Civitan International (1967 – 68). He served as President of the Tuscaloosa County Teachers Association (1965 – 66). He served as state President of ACSAS (1971 – 72). He was President of the Woodstock Serviteer Club (1976 – 77).

He was a graduate of Livingston State Teachers College (University of West Alabama) and the University of Alabama. He began his teaching career in the Bessemer, Alabama School System in September 1952. In 1958, he came to be a teaching principal in Tuscaloosa County Schools at Greeley and Vance. He served as supervising principal of Brookwood Elementary School for fourteen years. He retired there in 1980.

Azor served in the United States Army in 1950 – 52 with ten months in Germany.

Azor was preceded in death by his wife, Merle Burns Hayes in 2001. He was also preceded in death by his parents, two sisters and seven brothers.
He is survived by one brother, David Lee Hayes (Sinikka Hayes) of Mobile, Alabama. He is survived by several nieces, nephews and cousins.
Pallbearers were Bruce Carney, Andrew Duncan, Mathew Duncan, Wayne Duncan, Howard Hayes, Buddy Rice, Wayne Battles and Joe Hayes.

Funeral services will be Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 11:00 a.m. at Bessemer Brown Service Funeral Home with burial at 2:00 p.m. at Tuscaloosa Memorial Park Cemetery, Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Officiating at the service will be Rev. Keith Barton and Dr. Robert Leigh. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service at the funeral home.
Memorials may be made to Woodstock United Methodist Church, 73 Stricklin Drive, Woodstock, Alabama 35188.
Bessemer Brown Service is honored to serve Mr. Hayes family.

Published by Tuscaloosa News on Jul. 24, 2016.

[Thank you to Woodstock historian Vicki George Kes for sharing information about Professor Azor Hayes.]

More Woodstock, Alabama History and Facts

The following information is provided by historian Vicki George Kes.

Coldwater Lodge #148 Charter Dec. 4, 1851

Built as a combo school house and lodge is Woodstock, Alabama, the original building was two stories. The Methodist church also held services on the first floor of the building.

Rev. Robert Oldham, a lodge member, donated the land and built the first school, Woodstock Academy.

Woodstock, Alabama: History & Facts

The following information is provided by historian Vicki George Kes.

Cold Water Bridge, built by the AGS railroad over its tracks under the road of the same name in 1898 in Woodstock, is the second-oldest such bridge in continuous use in Alabama

Burns said Woodstock was first settled in the 1820s by Englishman William Houston and is named after the village of the same name in Great Britain, where some of the first settlers came from.

“It was settled near where the stagecoach lines to Huntsville and to Tuscaloosa crossed,” he said.

The first post office was established in 1855 (there is a brand new one now on Alabama 5). The community later coalesced a short distance away from the stagecoach lines when the intersecting AGS and L&N railroads and their two depots were built.

“Woodstock started off over near where Green Pond [to the east] was, but moved over [north of Alabama 5] when the railroads came in,” Burns said. “Now we’re moving back over near [U.S. 11], where we originally started out.

In the late 19th century, the community, with coal and iron ore deposits nearby, was the home of a pig iron blast furnace established by Welshman Giles Edwards, but that enterprise failed in the Depression of 1893, Burns said.

The town also had a newspaper, called the Monitor, in the mid-1800s that moved to Six Mile, between Centreville and Montevallo, before ending up in Birmingham, where it eventually became The Birmingham News, he said.

“There was also a old hotel and several mansions here, but we’ve had five major fires over the years and there’s none of that left now,” Burns added.

Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson Announces 2022 Woodstock AL Music Festival Line Up


WHO: The Town of Woodstock, Alabama

WHAT: The 5th Woodstock Music Festival

WHEN: Saturday, May 7. Gates open at 3:00 PM, Show starts at 5 PM

WHERE: Holiday Raceway, 20105 HWY 11, Woodstock, AL 35188 (I-59, EXIT 97 )

COST: $10 Parking per vehicle to benefit the Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resources Coalition, a 501 (c) (3) that offers free suicide prevention training across the State of Alabama.

ARTISTS: Tab and the Mojo, Lorrie Morgan, and The Marshall Tucker Band

INFO: Festival seating, bring a chair, no pets or coolers, Holiday Raceway concessions and Food Trucks on-site

WOODSTOCK, Ala. Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson is pleased to announce the line up for the 5th Annual Woodstock AL Music Festival.

Opening the show at 5 PM is Tuscaloosa’s own Tabitha Cooley and the Mojo Band. Cooley won the 2019 Alabama Country Vocalist of the year and recently completed her much anticipated album, “The Admiral Bean Sessions” with noted producer Anthony Crawford.

In a 40 day span starting in April of 2022, Tab and the Mojo will have opened for Sugarcane Jane, the VIP Miranda Lambert festivities at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater, Lorrie Morgan, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Taylor Hicks.

“2022 marks the 3rd year Tab and the Mojo have performed at the Woodstock Music Festival and it’s been great to watch Tab and the band go from strength to strength,” said Mayor Jeff Dodson. “She’s definitely Alabama’s rising vocal star and it’s going to be amazing to have Tab and the band on the Woodstock stage again.”

L-R: David Taylor, Tabitha Cooley, Ricky Burch, Steve Wallace

Next on the bill is country music superstar Lorrie Morgan and it’s often been noted that Loretta Lynn Morgan was born to make music!

Barely a teenager when she made her first, and everlasting, impression on country music, Lorrie Morgan is a true child of the Opry, staking her claim as being one of the youngest to have made a debut at there when she performed alongside her father, George Morgan.

Three short years later, after her dad’s passing, Lorrie became a road warrior to launch her own career, touring with her father’s band. Walking in her father’s footsteps, she kept his memory alive while winning countless fans ensuring her rights to become a front-and-center entertainer.

“We can’t tell you how thrilled we are to welcome Lorrie Morgan to Woodstock, Alabama,” Mayor Dodson remarked. “She’s long been applauded for her talents and commitment to the heritage of country music, and of course made history of her own when she became a lifetime member of the Grand Ole Opry at the age of twenty-four.”

Lorrie was the youngest person ever to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

Today, Lorrie has become the essence of country music femininity. Having blossomed from a bright-eyed Opry starlet to carrying the torch for many a lady trendsetter—Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette—Lorrie Morgan has become a renaissance woman of the genre, recognized as country music royalty by her fans and her peers.

Lorrie Morgan

Headlining the 2022 Woodstock Music Festival is the legendary Marshall Tucker Band, headed up by original lead vocalist Doug Gray. They started in 1972 as a young and hungry six-piece jam band in Spartanburg, South Carolina. When asked to open for the Allman Brothers, they settled on the ‘temporary’ name of Marshall Tucker, spotted on the keychain of a local blind piano tuner the band rented practice space from. 50 years later the Marshall Tucker Band is still bringing their world-renown Southern Rock to stages across the globe. The band’s well known music catalog consists of more than 20 studio albums and live releases, racking up multi-platinum album sales many times over.

“There are songs that always manage to reach down and touch your soul the moment you hear the first note,” noted Mayor Dodson. “The Marshall Tucker Band is one such group that has profound impact on successive generations of listeners with their music. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone that can’t sing along to songs like “Searchin’ for a Rainbow,” “Heard it in a Love Song,” or “Fire on the Mountain.”

L-R:B.B. Borden – drums, Ryan Ware – bass / vocals, Doug Gray – lead vocals,
Marcus James Henderson – keyboards / saxophone / flute / vocals, Rick Willis – guitar / vocals, Chris Hicks – guitar / vocals

Dodson continued, “We’re proud to be a part of the Marshall Tucker Band’s 50th Anniversary Tour. To have a band of this caliber for the Woodstock Music Festival in only our 5th year is a testament to the hard work and diligence of our Festival producer, Town Clerk Tiffney Cook McCulley and her assistant producer, Court Clerk Dorinda Smith. We can’t thank them enough for bring this to fruition.”

Town Clerk Tiffney Cook McCulley is also heading up the festival t-shirt sales as well as producing the event.

“We have four t-shirt colors that are on sale in the courtroom at Town Hall now, Ivory, Cloud Blue, Cotton Candy Pink and Black. Each t-shirt is also available for shipping at this link: https://town-of-woodstock.square.site/

SM, MED, LG, $22. XL, 2X and 3X $24

“The limited edition black festival t-shirt features the 800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number. The proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to ASPARC, a 501(c)(3) that is now headquartered in Woodstock. We want to get the message out that help is only a phone call away,” said McCulley.

Woodstock Music Festival T-Shirts may be ordered online and shipping is available: https://town-of-woodstock.square.site/

The Woodstock Music Festival is a free and family friendly event, with a $10 parking fee per vehicle. All parking proceeds will be donated to the suicide prevention work of ASPARC.

Bring a chair and please remember no coolers. Food and drinks will be available from the Holiday Raceway concession stand and numerous food trucks.

The Woodstock Music Festival saw attendance of over 3000 people in 2021, including visitors from Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi. “We’re thrilled with the response to the Festival and want to give credit to the people that make it all possible,” said Dodson. “Our headline sponsor for 2022 is Bibb Medical Center. They support our mission to help with suicide prevention and we’re grateful for their contribution.”

The Platinum sponsors for the 2022 festival are Taylor Sudden Service, and Elite Productions.

“Elite Productions, headed by Dustin Watson, provides all of our staging and sound needs and the Taylor Sudden Services team lead by Ed Tabor bring the power. These guys do a tremendous job with providing everything we need to bring world class acts to Woodstock,” noted Dodson.

The Bibb County Commission are gold sponsors again this year. (Jeremy Lightsey, Charles Caddell, Matt Downs, James Kelly, and Rodney Stabler.)

“The Bibb County Commission came on board in 2017 and their early support has been key to the growth the Festival,” said Dodson.

Silver sponsors are Patriot Mini-Storage, Cahaba Event Rentals, Senator April Weaver, Representative Russell Bedsole, McKinney Wrecker Service, Woodstock Drug, Highway 11 Recycling, Track Side BBQ, and George Septic.

“We want to send out a special thank you to Senator April Weaver and Representative Russell Bedsole for the Sweet Home Alabama Tourism Grants. These made a vital difference for us this year,” commented Dodson.

Sen. April Weaver, Mayor Jeff Dodson, Town Clerk Tiffney McCulley and Rep. Russell Bedsole

Bronze Sponsors are DC Oil (the Chevron at the Y), AM/PM Store, Green Pond Grocery and the Kelley Group.

Patron sponsors are La Tortilla, Judge Stephanie Kemmer, Sibley Equipment Company, New Life Assembly, Bibb County Officials (Sheriff Jody Wade, Tax Assessor Angie Langston, Circuit Clerk Kayla Cooner, District Judge Craig Cargile) and Texaco Exit 97, West Alabama Bank, First US Bank, Birmingham Cremation Center, Cahaba Medical Care Foundation, Liddy Office Supply, Ty Corbell, Bibb County School Superintendent Duane McGee, ATS Hydraulics, and Judy’s Korner Store.

“Last but certainly not least, our thanks and gratitude to the Woodstock Town Council. With a huge event like this, and a small staff, the support of the town council in this endeavor has been remarkable,” remarked Dodson. “They’ve been all in since 2018 when we pioneered the event. We couldn’t ask for a better team.”

L-R: Ronnie Kinard, Jerry Beams, Mayor Pro_Tem Ernestine Johnson, Ty Corbell, Tiffney McCulley, Don Bowling, Mayor Jeff Dodson

Media Contacts: Mayor Jeff Dodson, mayordodson@gmail.com, Cheryl Dodson, cdodson6672@yahoo.com.

Michele Dickey, library@townofwoodstockal.com.

Woodstock Community Library Hosts Drop In Art & Origami Event

Drop In Art is happening Friday, October 29th from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Woodstock Community Library!

🖍How does it work? Stop in and let your creativity flow. Paper, markers, and colors will be on the table and ready for you. All ages welcomed.

💰How much does it cost? It’s FREE!

💳 Do I need to be a member? No, but memberships are free if you’d like to sign up and check out books. 🙂

Rep. Russell Bedsole Awards $2000 Grant to Woodstock Community Library

Our deepest thanks to our Alabama district 49 State Representative Russell Bedsole, for his kind attention to the needs of our Woodstock community.

Rep. Bedsole recently presented a $2,000 library grant to Mayor Jeff Dodson. We will be using this grant to add educational software for children, and purchase new books.

We salute you sir!


The Town of Woodstock and Mayor Jeff Dodson announce the return of the Woodstock Music Festival!

WHO: The Town of Woodstock, Alabama

WHAT: 4th Woodstock Music Festival & 25th Anniversary of the Town of Woodstock

WHEN: Saturday, May 8, 2020. Gates open at 3:00 PM

WHERE: Holiday Raceway, 20105 HWY 11, Woodstock, AL 35188 (EXIT 97)

COST: $10 Parking Donation Per Vehicle, benefits Woodstock Ball Park

WOODSTOCK, Ala., Mayor Jeff Dodson and the Woodstock Town Council announced recently that the 4th Woodstock Music Festival would take place Saturday, May 8 at Holiday Raceway. The gates will open at 3:00 PM with the event kicking off at 4:00 PM.

“We’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the Town of Woodstock and of course, making it through a tough year of the pandemic,” said Dodson. “We feel like this calls for a celebration for the community, a time of giving back.”

The 2021 headliner is well-known country trailblazer, Colt Ford. He’s notched five consecutive Top 10 debuts on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart with his album “Declaration of Independence” bowing in at #1. His 2020 hit with Jimmie Allen, “Back to Them Backroads” is still on country radio playlists and his hit list has received over 3 million views on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vt7YjfhivP0

Colt Ford
“He’s known for his great Country songs, but also for a fantastic live show. Colt Ford definitely gives his audience 120%,” noted Dodson.

Opening for Colt Ford will be the Georgia Thunderbolts. These five young men are making their mark with a new brand of Southern Rock. Infused with the scorching swagger of two lead guitarists, the Thunderbolts always bring the house down. They opened here in Woodstock in 2019 for the Kentucky Headhunters and since then they’ve been signed to a record deal with Mascot Records and released a new EP, the eponymously titled “The Georgia Thunderbolts.”https://www.georgiathunderbolts.com/

The show’s first act is Alabama’s own Sugarcane Jane, featuring the husband and wife duo of Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee. Crawford is a well known road troubadour and side man in Nashville. He toured with Neil Young and has backed well-known hitmakers like Steve Winwood, Dwight Yoakam, Vince Gill, the Pegi Young Band, Nicolette Larson and Blackhawk.

A prolific songwriter, Crawford has over four hundred songs to his credit, many recorded by artists that include Kenny Rogers, Lee Greenwood, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Sawyer Brown, Billy Burnett, and Lorrie Morgan. Crawford and Lee soulfully combine harmonies and and Americana styled guitar leads to bring a rousing, down home set that all ages will love. Their newest album is “Ruffled Feathers” and can be found at all the major music outlets.

Sugarcane Jane
Sugarcane Jane

Next up is Three Dollar Voodoo, a local band with a heaping cross section of influences such as rockabilly, the blues, and straight-up driving rock and roll. This is the second appearance of Three Dollar Voodoo at the Festival. They have become a crowd favorite and are back by popular demand.

Three Dollar Voodoo

This year’s Festival will also feature an afterburner event for those who like an alternative, loud, and driving rock sound. The Lost and Found Band has been a part of the Woodstock Music Festival since the beginning, the first year working on the production side of the event. This year marks their second appearance in the line-up.

The Lost and Found Band
The Lost and Found Band

Town Clerk Tiffney Cook McCulley is heading up the festival t-shirt sales as well as producing the event.

“We have four vibrant t-shirt colors that are on sale in the courtroom at Town Hall now, Red, Green, Purple and Butter. The sizes and prices are S, M, L, XL: $22. 2X and 3X are $24.”

Woodstock Music Festival T-shirts

The Woodstock Music Festival is also lending it’s support this year to the suicide prevention efforts of the Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resources Coalition. “We also have limited edition black festival t-shirt that features the contact information for ASPARC.org and the 800-273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number. The proceeds from the sale of this t-shirt will be donated to ASPARC, a 501(c)(3). We want to help get the message out that every life has value, and there is help available,” said McCulley.

Suicide Prevention T-shirts
Proceeds from the limited edition black Woodstock Music Festival T-Shirt will benefit the Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resources Coalition

The Woodstock Music Festival is a free and family friendly event, with a parking donation per car of $10. RV’s may camp overnight for a $15 parking donation. Parking proceeds will benefit the Woodstock Ball Park.

Bring a chair and please remember no coolers. Food and drinks will be available from the Holiday Raceway concession stand and numerous food trucks.

Mayor Jeff Dodson spoke of how important the festival sponsors are to the success of the event and it’s longevity. “We can’t thank our sponsors enough for coming in for this 4th year. Every year gets better and we absolutely couldn’t do it without them.”

The Platinum sponsors for the 2021 festival are Bibb Medical Center, Taylor Sudden Service, Metal Products of Alabama, and Elite Productions. Gold level sponsors are the Bibb County Commission and Holiday Raceway.

Festival Silver sponsor is Patriot Mini Storage, and the Bronze Sponsor is Alabama Representative Russell Bedsole.

Patron sponsors this year are April Weaver for Senate, Bibb County Probate Judge Stephanie Kemmer, Bibb County District Judge Craig Cargile, First US Bank, La Tortilla, Cremation Services of Birmingham, and West Alabama Bank.

Media Contacts: Mayor Jeff Dodson, mayordodson@gmail.com, Cheryl Dodson, cdodson6672@yahoo.com, TWO ZERO FIVE-902-4012

Michele Dickey, library@townofwoodstockal.com



  hours  minutes  seconds


4th Woodstock Music Festival

Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson Announces Library Grants from Senator Cam Ward and the Office of Representative April Weaver

WOODSTOCK, Ala., Nov. 16, 2020 –Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson recently
announced that the Woodstock Community Library has received grants from Senator
Cam Ward and the office of former Representative April Weaver. The grant from
Weaver’s office was presented by Legislative Director Mimi Penhale.

“We’re thankful that Sen. Ward and Rep.Weaver have long recognized the importance of the Woodstock Library. They share our vision that the library is more than books, it is also very much about strengthening our community,” noted Dodson. “Part of the grant will purchase an updated printer for the library and a projector screen for use by classes that meet at the library.”

Librarian Michele Dickey expressed gratitude to Ward and Penhale being on hand to open the new Judy Irwin Memorial Children’s Section. “Many of the wooden learning toys were purchased with Sen. Ward’s last grant to the library. We are so grateful to both for making time to be a part of this special event.”

The Woodstock Community Library is Open

The Woodstock Community Library is open to serve you Monday by appointment for unemployment filing services and Tuesday – Friday from 10-5.

We’re embracing the new normal at the library, for your safety, and ours. (And we can’t wait to see you!)

Here’s what’s new:

•A hand washing station for anyone entering the library will be located in the kitchen. Please go there first.

•A return bin for books is set up in the kitchen so that we can sanitize returned books.

•One family group at a time (short visits only) so that we may re-sanitize surfaces between each patron.

•Classes can start back the week of May 18. The library will be closed to public traffic during the class session.

• Computer uses and assistance from librarian is scheduled. Give us a call at 205-394-0122 and we’ll hook you up!

• If you are sneezing, coughing, have sinus, (even if you think it’s ‘just allergies”), running a fever, or feel tired or unwell, please come see us another day. Someone’s life may depend on all of us abiding by these common sense courtesies.





MONDAY, APRIL 27, 2020 6:00 P.M.

The Town Council of the Town of Woodstock, Alabama held a Regular Council Meeting on Monday, April 27, 2020, 6:00 P.M. This meeting was held via Zoom Video Conference per the Governor’s March 18 and April 2, 2020 Proclamations allowing video conference meetings due to the COVID-19 Virus. Mayor and Council agree that business discussed is “necessary to perform essential minimum functions of the governmental body.” A quorum being present: Mayor Jeff Dodson called the meeting to order at 6:03 P.M. The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mayor Jeff Dodson. Prayer was led by Council Member Don Bowling. Roll was called by Town Clerk Tiffney McCulley, and the following Council Members were present via Zoom Video Conference: Jerry Beams, Don Bowling, Ernestine Johnson, Ronnie Kinard, Ty Corbell. Also, in attendance via Zoom Video Conference were the following Town representatives: Town Attorney Boozer Downs, Police Chief Len Price. This meeting was live-streamed for the public via Facebook in its entirety and is archived here: https://www.facebook.com/townofwoodstockal/videos/vb.1463189570430568/537917720239921/?type=3&theater

Next Council meeting will be held on Monday, May 11, 2020 at 6pm.


Council Meeting Minutes for March 19, 2020

Council Member Ty Corbell made the motion to approve minutes as previously submitted. Motion was seconded by Council Member Ernestine Johnson and motion so carried.

February 2020 Financials

Council Member Jerry Beams made a motion to approve the February 2020 Financials as previously submitted. Motion was seconded by Council Member Ronnie Kinard and motion so carried.


Council Member Ty Corbell made a motion to approve the following:

Downs & Associates, LLC March 2020 Overage $1,550.00

Motion was seconded by Council Member Ronnie Kinard and motion so carried.

Park & Recreation

Council Member Jerry Beams made a motion to approve the following:

Coca-Cola – Concessions $692.94

Motion was seconded by Council Member Ty Corbell and motion so carried.


Council Member Don Bowling made a motion to approve the following:

The Kelley Group – Engineering Services Inv#2053 $1,655.00

Inv#2048 $2,956.25

Motion was seconded by Council Member Ernestine Johnson and motion so carried.


A. Senior Center Meal Replacement

Mayor Dodson informed the Council that meals provided by the Town during the

time GA Foods did not deliver were reimbursed by West Alabama Regional


B. Town Hall Interior Painting

Motion was made by Council Member Jerry Beams to approve $750.00 for interior

paint and supplies for the Town Hall. Motion was seconded by Council Member Don

Bowling and motion so carried.

C. COVID-19 Update

Mayor Dodson updated the Council about the current situation in the Town as its related

to COVID-19. He stated that Bibb County has conducted 564 tests and we have 42

confirmed cases. He also advised the Council that after the Governor’s Press Conference

tomorrow, he will meet with the EMA Director of Bibb County to discuss a plan for a

soft opening.

Mayor Dodson advised the Council that he would address all questions and concerns they

have with the EMA director.


There being no further business to come before the Town Council at this time, Council Member Jerry Beams made the motion to adjourn at 6:22 P.M. The motion was seconded by Council Member Don Bowling and upon being put to a vote, motion carried unanimously.

Approved this 28th day of April, 2020

Woodstock Community Library Open for Essential Contactless Services

***Town of Woodstock Community Library Open for Essential Contactless Services***

Woodstock, Ala, April 15, 2020 — Mayor Jeff Dodson announced today that the Woodstock Community Library will begin offering contactless community services effective Friday, April 17.

“We’re seeing an increasing need in Woodstock for the services the library offers, especially reference materials for students who are now learning at home, and print services,” said Dodson.

The library is strictly adhering to new safety policies that are in place. Patrons can email and schedule “outside the door” pick-ups and these times will be staggered throughout the day in order to accommodate everyone.

“We’ll begin taking requests by phone or text at two zero five 324-0122 or email at library@townofwoodstockal.com starting Thursday. You’ll be able to pick up books Friday at an assigned time,” notes librarian Michele Dickey.

“We’re also happy to assist with printing needs. Email your documents to library@townofwoodstockal.com and you’ll receive a reply with a scheduled pick-up time.”

If you’d like a text notification for pick up, please include your cell phone number with the request.

Dodson added, “We also want to reach out to our elderly and those with chronic health conditions who also need library services . If we can mail a book or book on CD to you, we’d be happy to do so.”

The library also now offers an online sign-up for library cards. This new service is available at this link: https://greenpond.biblionix.com/catalog/?signup=1

State of the Community Meeting – Tuesday, Feb. 25 at Woodstock Town Hall

woodstock alabama

You are cordially invited to “Stronger Together,” a State of the Community presentation at Woodstock Town Hall Tuesday, February 25, 2020 at 6:00 PM.

Panel includes Woodstock Mayor Jeff Dodson, West Blocton Mayor Daniel Sims, Bibb County Commissioners Keefe Burt and James Kelly, Bibb County Board of Education members Morris Moody and Billie Dailey.

Area Goals
Ambulance Service
Community Event Calendar
Community Clean Up Day

Please mark your calendar and join us!

Woodstock [Ala.] Music Festival featuring the Kentucky Headhunters Oct. 12

woodstock alabama music festival

The Town of Woodstock presents the 3rd Annual Woodstock Music Festival Saturday, Oct. 12 from noon to 10pm and you’re invited!

This free community event at Holiday Raceways features 11 bands, including the Grammy Award winning Kentucky Headhunters headlining the show.

The Kentucky Headhunters

The complete lineup is as follows: Internationally signed Georgia Thunderbolts.

The Georgia Thunderbolts

BMI singer/songwriter (“She Got the Best of Me”) Channing Wilson.

Channing Wilson

The Dodson Brothers Band fronted by Woodstock mayor Jeff Dodson.

Dodson Brothers Band

British singer/songwriter Spencer Wilson.

Spencer Wilson, The Dead Poet

CMA artist Casey Thrasher.

Casey Thrasher

Alabama Music Awards “Best Female Country Artist of 2019,” Tabitha Cooley and her band, Tab & the Mojo.

Tabitha Cooley

Local favorites, the Lost and Found Band, Exit 97, Three Dollar Voodoo, and show opener Drayton Farley.

Lost and Found Band
Exit 97
Three Dollar Voodoo
Drayton Farley

Holiday Raceway Concessions and food vendors will be onsite including Steel City Pops and a variety of local vendors will offer their crafts and boutique fare.


Steel City Pops
A Stitch of Faith
Uniquely Identified Shoe Boutique
Warrior River Printing Patriotic Wares
Beck’s Blissful Bites – All natural French Macarons
Hempworx – Medicinal CBD products
First US Bank
Five Specialty Food Offerings (Menu coming.)

Your entire family will love the Festival, from the KIDS ZONE bouncy houses open from  noon to 4:00 p.m. to the great music, to the delicious food and snacks offered.

Make your plans to join us at Holiday Raceway, 20105 US-11, Woodstock, AL 35188, just a few blocks off I-59 South at Exit 97.

Bring a lawn chair • No coolers • $10 parking donation

Media contact: Michele Dickey library AT townofwoodstockal.com

Free Lunch & Learn with Cheryl Dodson on World Suicde Prevention Day at Brookwood Baptist Medical Center

Join Cheryl Dodson for a FREE Suicide Prevention Seminar focusing on the Question, Persuade and Refer (QPR) technique. Learn the 3 simple steps that anyone can use to help save a life from suicide.

DATE: Tuesday, Sept. 10

TIME: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

LOCATION: Brookwood Baptist Medical Center Women’s Classrooms

To register, please call 833.569.3588 or visit brookwoodbaptisthealth.com/prevention

ABOUT CHERYL DODSON – Cheryl Dodson is the First Lady of Woodstock, AL and a suicide prevention speaker and advocate. Dodson was friends with John B. McLemore, who was the main focus of the investigative journalism podcast “S-Town,” which rose to international popularity in 2018. McLemore, 49, died by suicide before the podcast was complete.

John B Mclemore's friend Cheryl

3rd Annual Woodstock Music Festival is announced!

The 3rd Annual Woodstock Music Festival is happening Sat., October 12 at Holiday Raceway and YOU are invited!

Announced Lineup to Date:
British singer/songwriter Spencer Wilson, The Dead Poet
Tab & The Mojo
Three Dollar Voodoo
(Many more coming!)

Admission is free, concessions are available and vendors will be on-site offering an array of products and services including specialty food.

$10 parking per car.

No pets, alcohol, or coolers. Bring a lawn chair!

(Please contact us at townclerk@townofwoodstockal.com for Business Sponsorship Packages and Vendor Information Packets.)

The Dowdle Family of Bibb County, Alabama

This genealogy of the Dowdle family was written by Samuel Wesley Dowdle, the son of William Robert Dowdle and Hattie Belle Dunlap Dowdle.

Enterprise School, in Bibbville, Bibb County, Alabama. Founder: Hattie Belle Dunlap Dowdle, student of Julia Tutwiler.
Enterprise School, in Bibbville, Bibb County, Alabama. Founder and teacher: Hattie Belle Dunlap Dowdle, student of Julia Tutwiler.

The handwritten document was transcribed by Mrs. Linda Deloach of Woodstock, Alabama.

Samuel Dowdle son of Robert Dowdle Sr. came to Ala. From Anderson County S.C. about 1819-1820.

He entered some land on the Bibb and Tuscaloosa County line (now owned by “Shorty Chris or Crisp).

In 1829 he bought the “Hill” land grant and place (W R Dowdle Jr. has the original land grant dated 1819 and signed by President James Monroe.)

This land is about 2 miles east of Vance Ala.

His wife was Martha Wood born Dec. 8, 1779 died Jan. 16, 1852. Her parents names are unknown.

Her brother Oliver was born on the ship coming over. Another brother Wilson Wood married Nancy Wallace and lived near Vance Ala a great-great-grandson of this couple (Ross Arnold) is buried in Jacksonville, Ala.

Children of Samuel Dowdle

  1. Robert Barr Dowdle married Sarah Vance of Bibb County Ala

He settled at or near Reform Ala where his descendants now live

  1. James Dowdle (will list his children later) (our line) Great Grandfather
  2. William Dowdle married Rebecca Ann Moore. He was born Oct 14 1813 died July 16 1854. He was a shoemaker by trade. After his death his widow and children moved to Texas before the Civil War. Nothing else is known about them.
  3. Peggie Dowdle married a Mr Wood

Their children were Martha, James and John

  1. Jane Dowdle married a Mr. Malone

Their children were Dave, Robert, William, Samuel and Winnie

  1. Samuel Dowdle Jr. married Nancy Vance a sister of Dr. William Vance and James Vance. He moved to Pickens County Ala before the Civil War. One child is known (Mary J) six years old in 1850 (He was born 1818 died 1885)

The family of James Dowdle (my great grandfather)

He was born Nov 3, 1808 in South Carolina died Sept 17, 1893 and in buried at Union Cemetery near Vance Ala.

(Note) Sarah Starr Moore was the daughter Nancy and Mike Moore Smith

Nancy Smith Moore was the daughter of William & Catherine (Rogers) Smith

See (The Smiths) (Hence the DAR connection)

He married Sarah Starr Moore daughter of James Micheal and Nancy Smith Moore. She was born about 1812 in what is now Madison County Ala

She died in 1898 and is also buried at Union Cemetery.

Their children were

  1. Nancy Wood Dowdle born May 20 1831 died Oct 1918. She was known as (Aunt Push)

She married James Murray in 1855

He was born May 28 1830 and died Dec 27 1863. Both of them buried at Hurricane

The children of James Murray and Nancy Wood Dowdle were

  1. Sarah Elizabeth Murray born Dec 1854 died Aug 16 1935. She married N. N. (Sid) Smith Nov 15 1899

They had no children

  1. John Robert Murray born Feb 28 1856

Died May 16 1938 married Bessie Morgan March 1886

Their children were

  1. Robert Clifford Murray born Dec 18 1887 died Oct 1939 married Alice McLauren of Valley Head Ala. They had six children
  2. William Moore Murray born 1889 married Ruth Mosley of Marietta Ga. They had 3 children
  3. Lois Louise Murray born Aug 4 1895 married Lawrence Brice of Oneonta Ala. They had 2 children
  4. Mary Jane Murray born Nov 20 1858 died Sept 16 1928 married William Asbury Wood Oct 26 1882

No children

  1. William Moore Murray born April 7 1860 died Jan 21 1904 married Helen Glenn Bartin Feb 3 1891. She was from Opelika Ala
  2. David Jefferson (Jet) Murray born Jan 7 1862 died

(Never married)

James Murray and Nancy Wood (Dowdle) raised two girls left by a good friend when she died. They were Hattie and Adelle Sadler. Hattie married Charlie Gallant and he was killed. She later married Walter George who married Edd Sansing.

Adelle married William Martin of Meridian, Mississippi they had several daughters

Continue reading “The Dowdle Family of Bibb County, Alabama”

Welcome to Woodstock!

Yesterday a man came into the Woodstock Library and introduced himself, saying he was born in England but raised in California. “I’m Dodger Brooks. And today I’m here visiting your fair city.”

I was so excited and assumed he was here because of John and the podcast.

“If you want to sign the door and talk about John and the podcast, you’ve come to the right place!”

He looked at me quizzically and said, “I’d like to use the john, if that’s ok. What’s a podcast?”

Needless to say, I had a great time introducing Dodger to John B. McLemore and S-Town.

He is riding a bicycle across the USA and has been on the road for 8 years.

He doesn’t use a phone, but had an old IPod so we hooked it up to the library Mac and downloaded S-Town.

This guy is very much like John in some ways. He marches to the beat of his own drummer and he’s very into environmental concerns. A free spirit, refusing to conform to society.

He left the library listening to S-Town, peddling down Eastern Valley Road towards Tannihill, where he was going to camp for the night.

He would pass John’s road on the right about ten minutes into Chapter 1.



Lots of Bibb County Events Headed Your Way!

Thank you to Matthew Hartzell at the Bibb County Extension for these summer updates!

You can sign up to receive these updates in your inbox here: http://offices.aces.edu/bibb/

05 29 19 bibb extension

Preserving Summers Bounty Canning Class
Thursday, June 13 – 1:00-4:00pm
First Baptist Church Woodstock, 2473 Coldwater Road, Woodstock, AL
Cost $15 to cover supplies – Register online at website:
Class is limited to 25 people, don’t miss out!
Food Preservation Books available – $6.00/bookQuestions or Concerns contact Angela Treadaway, REA
205-410-3696 or treadas@aces.edu

05 29 19 west blocton farmers market
FORESTHER A WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN WHO LOVE THE LAND Luncheon, Mini-Workshop & Tour of Bibb County Glades Tuesday, July 9 - 11am-3pm Sawmeal Restaurant, 6880 AL Hwy 5, Brent, AL Cost $20 per person covers lunch and materials Pre-registration required due to limited seating Call 205-926-4310 to register & make payment in advance to Bibb County Extension Office, 183 SW Davidson Drive, Centreville For More Information call Dr. Becky Barlow 334-329-0554 or becky.barlow@auburn.edu

The Cahaba Lily Festival- May 18, 2019

The South’s most beautiful festival is May 18!

The Cahaba Lily Festival is held on the third Saturday in May each year in West Blocton, Alabama. This annual festival celebrates the unique Cahaba Lily that grows in the nearby Cahaba River. It also aims to bring attention to the beauty all around us and our need for careful stewardship.


What is the Cahaba Lily Festival?

The Cahaba Lily Festival is held on the third Saturday of May each year in West Blocton, Alabama. (Click here for a map and directions to the Festival.) The next festival will be Saturday, May 18, 2019.
What takes place at the Festival?

Each year the program begins in the morning (roughly 9 am) with indoor presentations by various nature/wildflower groups. Botanist Larry Davenport, an expert on the lilies, presents an informative presentation about the lilies. Lunch is served just before attendees go to the river for viewing the lilies. Later in the afternoon, The Cahaba Lily Center hosts a Story Telling event.
How much does it cost?

There is no registration fee for the Cahaba Lily Festival. Donations are accepted to cover the cost of the lunch. T-shirts, caps, artwork and various nature-related crafts will also be available from attending vendors for those interested.
Where can I get more information 
The Cahaba Lily Festival is organized by the West Blocton Improvement Committee. For more information you can contact Myrtle Jones at 205 938 7304 or Charles Allen at 205 938 2479 or Email at info@cahabalily.com


Teachers, then and now: Thank you from a grateful librarian

As the school years draws to an end in Bibb County, we are reminded of all the teachers who have touched lives. Now, and in the past.

The Woodstock Community Library sends our deepest thanks to the teachers in our community.

Almost every day, a child comes through the doors of the library excited about something they have learned in school, or looking for a book their teacher or school librarian told them about.

It’s pure joy on our end to be even a small part of that.

Some days, it’s an adult who tells us the story of a teacher who impacted them and that happened twice today!

A young man who grew up in Hueytown and recently listened to the S-Town podcast stopped by.

As it turns out, his ancestors are from the Woodstock area and they donated the land where the Bibbville Baptist Church was built.

He shared with me the story of his great-great grandmother Hattie Belle Dunlap Dowdle and gifted her photo to the library archives.

Hattie Belle taught school at Bibbville, Alabama and her influence is still felt in his life and doubtlessly, many untold others.

(He grew up to be a writer, teacher and a researcher of Southern writers like Flannery O’Connor.)

hattie e_edited
Hattie Belle Dunlap Dowdle, Bibbville, Alabama

Later in the afternoon a lady named Amy stopped by the library to purchase a Woodstock Music Festival T-Shirt.

“How’s Mrs. Anne doing?” she asked.

(Mrs. Anne is our community’s retired librarian and a long-time teacher in Bibb County.)

Before I could reply, her eyes filled with unspilled tears and she continued to speak.

“I went back to school when I was 47. Mrs. Anne tutored me so I could pass college-level math and English. She gave me so much of her time. She believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

I have not met Mrs. Anne, but I know from my year here in Woodstock that many other people have the same testimony.

“She helped me. She taught me. She encouraged me.”

Don’t we owe such a debt of gratitude to our teachers?

Past and present.

(A personal thanks to Hoover High teacher and Birmingham broadcaster Reed Lochamy (and Will!) at Oh Brother Radio who thought a year ago that this was a story worth telling, 2nd grade teacher Emily Ellison and school secretary Anne McLelland Kornegay who both serve on the Woodstock Community Library board of directors, and Bibb County board of education member Mrs. Billie Dailey who has consistently been a supporter of the Woodstock Community Library. We appreciate you!)

Cottage Food Law Food Safety Course May 9

Date: May 9, 2019

Time: 10-12 noon

Place: Cahaba Lily Center
1012 Main St.
West Blocton, AL 35184

Cost: $25.00 – register online at the website below:

Add to your Google Calendar: Click here.

Contact:Angela Treadaway, Regional Extension Agent, Food Safety/Preservation/Preparation
Alabama Cooperative Extension System
treadas@aces.edu or 205-410-3696

Certificate will be mailed within 7-10 days upon passing test!

The Alabama Cottage Food law allows anyone to sell nonhazardous foods made in the home directly to consumers, or at farmers markets. Nonhazardous foods specified by the law include cakes, cookies, dried herbs, jams and jellies.

Dr. Jean Weese, a food safety specialist at Auburn University who heads the Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s food safety team,says that while these foods are not subject to inspection by the local public health department, anyone preparing these foods is required to attend a food safety course approved by the State Health Department.

“This food safety course, which is required by the new Cottage Food Law, teaches basic food safety steps with the goal of ensuring that the food sold to friends and neighbors is as safe as possible.”

The food safety training course will be tailored to help cottage food entrepreneurs comply with this act. “The concepts taught in this class apply specifically to foods prepared in the home. Every participant who completes the course and a short test will receive a certificate within 7-10 days after passing the test,” Weese said.

For more information, contact Angela Treadaway at her information above or call 205-926-4310.

04 26 19 cottage food_edited

46th Annual Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Festival at Tannehill State Park

Mark your calendar for the 46th Annual Southern Appalachian Dulcimer Festival which will be held at Tannehill Park April 29 – May 5, 2019. Gazebo performances will be on Friday May 3rd, and Classes and open stage will be on Saturday May 4th.

Schedule of Activities

9:00 a.m. – 10:25  Beginning DAD : Jerry & Louise Todd –  Kiwanis Pavilion

9:00 a.m.  – 10:25   Beg. Psaltery: Bill Yike – Cane Creek School Left

9:00 a.m.  – 10:25 Beginner HD * playing by tab– Don Hill – Event Center Side Room

9:00 a.m.  – 10:25  Adv DAD – Denise Guillory – Event Center Main Room

10:35 a.m. – 12:00  Int. HD   – Event Center side room—Rob Angus

10:35 a.m. – 12:00 Slow Jam at Kiwanis – John & Debra Duke

10:35 a.m. – 12:00  Int/Adv DAD – Jan Hammond—Cane Creek school right

10:35 a.m. – 12:00 Psaltery—Kelly Milam  – Cane Creek School Left


For those that can’t camp, hotels in the area: Hotels
Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park, McCalla, Alabama  April 28 -May 5, 2018
Schedule of Activities

Members please remember to bring your folding chairs to outside events!April 28 – May 3 Informal jams at campsites and at SADA host site and later in the week, schoolhouse jams Monday – Thursday nights.

  • May 2, Thursday 6 PM Ice cream and dessert social at Kiwanis Pavilion – jamming after at Schoolhouse & Kiwanis Pavilion
  • May 3, Friday 9:00-3:45 Informal playing and singing by members and guests at the Gazebo next to the Country Store. Vendors open for sales all day. In case of rain performances will be moved to Event Center
  • May 3, Friday 5:30PM  Event Center Pot Luck Supper. Bring a dish to share & the Host Club will provide the rest. Jamming afterwards!
  • May 4, Saturday 9AM-4 PM Hospitality tent open – Information and signup for Open stage. Vendors open for sales near Gazebo or Kiwanis Pavilion.
  • May 4, Saturday 9AM-Noon Lessons in mountain and hammered dulcimer & psaltery. Those attending lessons should join club. See Gazebo and Lesson Schedule for teachers and locations
  • May 4, Saturday 11:30 – 12:30 Hot dog lunch at the Event Center – Free for club members
  • May 4, Saturday 1 PM Open Stage at the Kiwanis Pavilion (Event Center in case of rain), drawing for dulcimer at end of program.
  • May 5, Sunday 9 AM Church service held in Cane Creek School House


THE SOUTHERN APPALACHIAN DULCIMER was developed in the southeast mountains of America and was the country’s first native instrument outside of those made by the Native Americans.

Until recent years, the Appalachian dulcimer was found and played only in remote mountain areas. Hand made of native woods, this long, thin primitive instrument normally has one melody string and two drone strings. The word “dulcimer” (or dulcymore) means “sweet sound” and the Appalachian dulcimer is known for its distinctive, sweet, haunting sound, ideal for accompanying traditional ballads and other folk tunes.

We miss these lost books and materials!

Maybe you can help! The library really misses these lost books and other materials. Would you look around and see if you have any of these?

The week of April 22-26 will be dedicated to Library Fine Reduction/Return Those Books! Week. We’d love for you to return the materials and in exchange you’ll only pay 0.01¢ on each $1.00 of overdue fines owed.

Over $17,000 worth of books and other materials returning would make a world of difference for this little library.

Won’t you please help?

P.S. If you can’t pay right now, we understand. Just drop the materials off and we’ll worry about the fine later. We’ll even leave a drop-off box outside during library business hours.

Sunday (Easter)Closed
031 FADThe TREASURE OF THE ENCYCLOPID197082011-09-01 14:33:232011-09-15$40.00
031.02 BELRipley’s believe it or not!: t276442013-12-12 18:20:512013-12-27$18.00
031.02 STORipley’s believe it or not!78724732019-01-10 15:13:432019-02-07$25.00
133 BASThe Supernatural source book262222014-02-26 13:26:332014-04-08$20.00
133.4 AOUGreen witchcraft78748242017-04-12 12:37:362017-05-18$20.00
133.43 LECThe Book of Grimoires: The Sec78747632017-04-12 12:37:362017-05-18$19.00
133.43 MOUGreen witchcraft78747642017-04-12 12:37:362017-05-18$15.00
133.9 BROThe other side and back: a psy246832013-08-02 16:52:422013-08-29$10.00
133.901 BURHeaven is for real: a little b269192014-04-15 12:20:032014-04-29$17.00
133.901 BURHeaven is for real: a little b78718962014-07-10 18:22:572014-07-24$17.00
135.3 ZOLZolar’s encyclopedia and dicti210252013-01-15 15:18:152013-01-29$15.00
150 KASUNDERSTANDING PSYCHOLOGY234242013-06-03 14:23:302013-06-17$24.95
152.4 CARThe ANGER WORKBOOK239022016-12-01 15:35:462016-12-15$15.00
155.9 BEACODEPENDENT NO MORE110852010-03-25 13:35:002010-04-08$10.00
212 MORDoes God exist?: the debate be78719412016-01-19 14:20:542016-02-02$20.00
225.9 MOOThe beloved disciple: followin139432010-07-20 15:20:002010-08-03$14.95
227.5 JAKSIX PILLARS FROM EPHESIANS: LO205232010-07-20 15:20:002010-08-03$9.95
234 GAFResurrection and redemption: a78719652016-01-19 14:20:542016-02-02$10.00
234.6 MCCHOW TO DELIGHT THE HEART OF GO196942014-09-02 11:49:222014-09-16$9.95
235 DANAsk your angels119632013-01-15 15:18:152013-01-29$18.99
236 ALBThe FIVE PEOPLE YOU MEET IN HE186562011-05-03 13:57:422011-05-17$19.95
236 WIE23 minutes in hell251342012-10-18 17:36:552012-11-01$13.00
239 GRAThe JOURNEY161162012-03-23 14:39:202012-04-06$21.95
242 BARDEVOTIONS FOR COUPLES196012015-04-03 13:49:002015-04-17$10.00
243 ALBFOR ONE MORE DAY159382011-05-03 13:57:422011-05-17$16.95
243 CYMFRESH FAITH170402015-04-03 13:49:002015-04-17$17.99
248 BEIGOD CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS230532010-06-15 12:16:002010-06-29$3.50
248 LUCEVERY DAY DESERVES A CHANCE196042012-11-29 17:04:562012-12-19$5.00
248 MORREMEMBERING YOUR STORY185742011-06-08 16:25:332011-07-05$5.00
248 VANThe CHRISTMAS SHOES162132010-06-15 12:16:002010-06-29$14.95
248.4 MEYBattlefield of the mind: winni250152011-08-02 15:32:492011-09-01$15.99
248.4WARThe PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE144442010-07-20 15:20:002010-08-03$25.95
248.8 DOBLOVE FOR A LIFETIME154162010-06-15 12:16:002010-06-29$19.99
248.8 MOOGet out of that pit: straight 78731392016-08-19 12:08:332016-08-19$15.00
261.8 ELDWILD AT HEART152972010-06-28 11:42:002010-08-02$19.99
305.5 WHAREDNECK HANDBOOK73172012-04-30 15:10:472012-05-14$5.95
306.81 ROSDivorce proof your marriage265632016-04-15 16:35:312016-04-29$13.00
336 McGSELF MATTERS183202012-11-29 17:04:562012-12-19$25.00
340 ROBCRACKING THE LSAT–The Princet232062011-02-22 17:01:332011-03-08$34.95
347 GAMGAMBLE’S ALABAMA RULES OF EVID232672011-07-12 16:39:572011-07-26$15.00
347.3 DIGKNOW YOUR RIGHTS AND HOW TO MA152812011-06-09 17:30:122011-07-15$34.95
349.7 ABAAMA YOU AND THE LAW234322013-06-03 14:23:302013-06-17$35.00
349.73 IRVNolo’s encyclopedia of everyda268832013-06-03 14:23:302013-06-17$35.00
363.3 LAUHurricanes: Earth’s mightiest 259332014-11-05 10:40:272014-11-19$4.00
364 BOSA killer among us113312012-08-15 16:55:232012-08-29$23.95
364 RULEvery breath you take: a true 255242012-08-15 16:55:232012-08-29$25.00
364.1 FLACompulsion to kill75812012-07-13 16:14:592012-08-14$24.95
364.15 OLSI” the creation of a serial ki220582013-02-04 11:33:132013-02-18$22.95
373.12 MARCracking the GED269982012-09-26 16:56:402012-10-10$23.00
398 ALLLost realms of gold: South Ame30873392012-05-22 13:25:572012-06-05$24.00
398 ALLTITANS AND OLYPIANS/ GREEK & R30873302013-12-07 12:09:022013-12-23$20.00
398 TACALABAMA’S FAVORITE FOLK TALES247102013-07-22 14:31:092013-09-03$9.95
398.2 EROAmerican Indian myths and lege141512018-02-07 15:22:352018-03-06$28.95
398.2 ZIPThe COMPLETE FAIRY TALES OF TH184962017-04-12 12:37:362017-05-18$75.00
423 WEBMERRIAM WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY197162011-09-01 18:48:492011-09-15$21.00
423 WEB WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY AND ROGET231512011-09-01 14:32:182011-09-15$10.00
423.1 URDThe OXFORD THESAURUS–AMERICAN229132014-08-27 16:56:412014-09-10$35.00
428. GOLACTIVITIES TO PROMOTE CRITICAL195372010-10-07 17:23:002010-10-21$5.00
468 WALSpanish for dummies251352011-05-20 13:48:532011-06-22$25.00
475 WHELatin: An Introductory Court231702010-10-07 17:23:002010-10-21$15.00
503 BREDictionary of scientific liter78748962017-06-26 15:57:272017-07-10$20.00
510 FORMATHEMATICS141262011-06-15 15:34:142011-06-29$75.00
512.9HALIntermediate algebra: with ear97002010-05-03 11:49:002010-05-17$55.00
523.2 FRASOLAR SYSTEM108612011-06-27 10:29:102011-09-23$13.95
523.4 MITDISCOVERING THE PLANETS167582010-01-19 13:36:002010-02-02$12.95
567.9 NASDinosaurs78721452015-06-11 14:47:202015-06-25$20.00
576.8 DAWThe blind watchmaker: why evid271172013-05-29 15:42:582013-06-12$20.00
599 CHUHORSES IN COLOR172932013-12-06 16:18:382013-12-20$2.50
599 EDWThe new rider’s horse encyclop11712018-10-04 12:25:352018-11-01$30.00
599 EVAHORSES118742011-08-11 18:27:332011-10-06$34.95
599 MEIThe NEW DACHSHUND135102012-03-13 16:02:132012-03-27$25.00
599.5 MINThe world’s whales: the comple6772011-08-11 18:27:332011-10-06$28.00
610 COMMOSBY’S MEDICAL DICTIONARY241152015-11-17 12:12:512015-12-16$50.00
610.3 CLAThe AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATI196212015-11-17 12:08:132015-12-16$29.95
610.3 CLYThe AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATI196222013-06-03 14:23:302013-06-17$29.95
613 SHENATURAL WAYS TO HEALTH–ALTERN154452015-06-12 13:24:572015-06-26$35.95
613 TKAEVERYDAY HEALTH TIPS167432013-04-09 13:19:372013-04-23$28.00
613 WIAThe DIET FOR TEENAGERS ONLY249392011-04-18 16:19:082011-05-19$18.95
613.0 DOLAGE ERASERS FOR WOMEN125712013-08-08 15:55:352013-08-22$27.95
613.2 ATKDr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolutio226092018-01-12 15:53:572018-01-26$8.00
613.7 STEThe FIREFIGHTER’S WORKOUT BOOK152092019-02-27 16:29:142019-04-03$24.95
616 PISThe Duke University Book of Ar221922015-02-17 16:48:182015-04-17$13.00
616.8 BASThe COURAGE TO HEAL128162010-06-01 13:49:002010-06-15$22.50
618 RICFrom Aaron to Zoe: 15,000 grea92372010-08-26 14:14:002010-09-09$22.95
618 ROSBABY NAMES NOW200672009-12-28 16:43:002010-01-11$5.00
620 WEIBASIC CAR MAINTENANCE AND REPA40632011-08-30 14:03:492011-09-13$12.95
623.4 OVEOVERSTREET I D & PRICE GUIDE T209092011-07-22 10:26:232011-09-23$20.00
629.2 DARVINTAGE CARS IN COLOR56022011-08-30 14:03:492011-09-13$2.95
629.28 WISHISTORIC MOTOR CYCLES155862011-08-30 14:03:492011-09-13$59.95
631.3 HOHCLASSIC FARM TRACTORS196412011-08-30 14:03:492011-09-13$3.00
635 MCKGARDENING 1-2-3162282010-05-03 11:49:002010-05-17$34.95
635.9 STOThe wildflower book: east of t30872072011-05-04 16:59:442011-05-18$14.95
636 ROSPUPPY PRESCHOOL244562014-12-09 15:48:362014-12-23$25.00
636.1GROThe WILD PONIES OF ASSATEAGUE 123752010-07-01 15:06:002010-07-15$8.99
636.7 PISCHIHUAHUAS122592012-06-14 12:39:132012-07-12$12.99
636.8 ALDCats78754342018-01-05 14:08:482018-03-28$20.00
640.7 BREBEAT THE SYSTEM137872014-01-27 11:33:312014-02-10$27.95
641 HEAMAIDA HEATTER’S CAKES243442011-08-09 12:34:472011-09-09$27.95
641 MOUSARA’S SECRETS FOR WEEKNIGHT M207962011-10-07 13:33:282011-10-21$20.00
641 TOLJack Daniel’s the spirit of Te74042011-10-07 13:33:282011-10-21$19.95
641.5 ANDAMERICAN CENTURY COOKBOOK133592011-08-09 12:34:472011-09-09$35.00
641.5 COOONE-DISH COLLECTION132902010-07-07 12:27:002010-07-21$28.95
641.5 MCMThe lunch box268842012-11-07 15:46:412012-11-26$19.00
641.5 REAKitchen secrets: tips, tricks,252012010-12-17 16:08:392011-01-03$20.00
641.5 SOUChristmas cookbook78730292015-11-20 10:37:402015-12-04$20.00
641.5 WALWalt Disney’s Mickey Mouse coo78726932015-01-26 14:44:022015-02-09$10.00
641.6 SED365 WAYS TO COOK CHICKEN132962011-08-09 12:34:472011-09-09$25.95
641.6 WEBHurry-up hamburger recipes.30871882011-10-07 13:33:282011-10-21$10.00
641.8 PRICool cookies & bars: easy reci242312015-11-20 10:37:402015-12-04$10.00
645 BAWPRETTY GIFTS THAT SAY I LOVE Y135192013-10-23 10:59:102013-11-30$15.98
646.7 BERFast beauty: 1000 quick fixes78723912015-06-12 13:24:572015-06-26$10.00
646.7 BROBobbi Brown beauty: the ultima263652014-01-16 14:55:432014-01-30$16.00
646.7 KRUHow not to look old: fast and 256252016-08-19 12:08:332016-08-19$26.00
648.5 BRECLEAN IT FAST CLEAN IR RIGHT167512012-01-31 15:23:162012-02-14$27.95
650 HILBuy, keep or sell?30871842012-05-22 13:25:572012-06-05$10.00
650.1 WENMASTERING THE JOB INTERVIEW & 142612018-10-24 16:07:462018-11-07$12.95
700.905 FOGLife on Mars: 55th Carnegie In267972013-02-20 12:59:042013-03-27$30.00
709 GREMILESTONES OF AVIATION216692010-05-26 12:02:002010-06-09$50.00
709 JANHISTORY OF ART216672010-05-26 12:00:002010-06-09$50.00
737 YEOA GUIDE BOOK OF UNITED STATES 82802011-07-26 12:33:142011-08-09$10.95
741.5 DANDC Comics: sixty years of the 30871852011-07-22 10:26:232011-09-23$30.00
741.5 WATThe days are just packed: a Ca30871552013-11-14 18:45:272013-11-30$17.00
741.5973The FAMILY CIRCUS BY REQUEST/G199072011-12-14 14:27:442012-01-17$9.95
745 MILNATURE CRAFTS248702011-02-15 15:31:292011-04-01$14.95
745.1 PRIAntiques Roadshow Primer222722011-07-26 12:33:142011-08-09$20.00
746.GEISMALL QUILTCRAFTS202642010-05-04 16:37:002010-05-18$21.95
747 BUTCOME HOME TO COUNTRY134582013-10-23 10:59:102013-11-30$35.00
769 WILCard sharks: how Upper Deck tu98982012-05-09 12:48:382012-05-23$21.95
796 LEWMONEYBALL245242011-09-27 16:15:022011-10-11$13.95
796.3 ST.JRAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER195832012-05-09 12:48:382012-05-23$24.00
796.33 NORAlabama showdown: the football111082012-05-09 12:48:382012-05-23$12.95
796.33 STOTURNAROUND157562012-07-13 11:26:312012-08-14$24.95
796.6 ARMIT’S NOT ABOUT THE BIKE246802013-06-25 16:09:592013-07-09$24.00
799 SELThe DEER HUNTER’S GUIDE92872012-05-09 12:48:382012-05-23$5.00
800 CLEHUCKLEBERRY FINN227132010-06-08 13:55:002010-06-22$10.00
808.2KIPIN THE MATTER OF J. ROBERT OPP27412014-09-10 09:34:482014-09-24$8.95
811 DICSELECTED POEMS5642010-11-03 15:52:462010-11-17$14.95
811 LATThe POETRY OF ROBERT FROST184952010-08-25 16:57:002010-09-08$65.00
811 MILThe SINGER209162015-05-05 17:02:002015-05-19$10.00
812 ENSThe VAGINA MONOLOGUES248282011-05-23 16:02:362011-07-06$23.00
813 FITThe GREAT GATSBY194282014-09-02 11:25:192014-09-16$11.00
813 HAWThe SCARLET LETTER186442012-06-12 13:06:172012-06-26$19.95
813 LEETO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD223172016-11-10 15:23:352016-12-15$15.99
813 POEThe FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER200202010-07-07 12:26:002010-07-21$4.95
817.5 WAILAUGHTER THE BEST MEDICINE30872782012-04-30 15:10:472012-05-14$15.00
821 COLThe rime of the ancient marine55682010-09-20 16:34:002010-10-04$1.00
821 TENThe POEMS AND PLAYS OF TENNYSO45392010-09-20 16:36:002010-10-04$15.95
823 DICA tale of two cities111192011-03-03 14:40:232011-04-18$4.95
823.5 WOLThe ADVENTURES AND MEMOIRS OF 196992016-05-24 16:32:272016-06-07$10.95
940 ADAWORLD WAR II223902010-05-19 16:49:002010-06-02$15.99
940.5 LORDAY OF INFAMY203542010-05-19 16:48:002010-06-02$14.00
956.7 CAMJOKER ONE A MARINE PLATOONS ST243832011-03-29 16:16:412011-04-25$26.00
956.7 SWOJARHEAD A MARINES CHRONICLE OF243722011-03-29 16:16:412011-04-25$24.00
959.7043 NOLSappers in the wire: the life 200282014-11-04 13:21:222014-11-18$9.99
970 SLEWITH THE OLD BREED AT PELELIU 248562014-11-04 13:21:222014-11-18$8.00
973.2 BAIPilgrims and Thanksgiving78741652019-01-08 16:32:072019-01-22$1.95
973.4 ZACThe PIRATE COAST140682018-03-22 16:15:082018-04-05$25.95
976.1 ADABlocton: the history of an Ala266602012-08-21 15:23:042012-09-21$40.00
978.0 MILSNIPER ONE243882010-08-31 15:21:002010-09-14$27.00
998 KASLife: World War II190092014-03-04 15:24:482014-03-18$50.00
[E] REIThis little dawg78756152017-05-12 12:39:592017-05-26$10.00
[E] YERTwinkle, twinkle, little star:78757432017-05-09 14:22:382017-05-23$13.00
[Y] RIOThe maze of bones78752662018-03-28 13:13:132018-04-11$13.00
AAlaska nights97807636602622018-10-23 17:03:432018-11-20$3.00
AUD CHIAudio : A wanted man: a Jack Reacher n81152012-10-24 11:39:302012-11-07$60.00
AUD COLAudio : The Hunger Games81322013-09-23 11:00:202013-10-07$75.00
AUD DuMAudio : REBECCA244292012-08-13 14:11:042012-08-27$15.99
AUD GREAudio : Paper towns81602012-09-12 14:55:042012-10-26$55.00
AUD GREAudio : The fault in our stars81412013-09-23 11:00:202013-10-07$60.00
AUD GRIAudio : The litigators: a novel81592018-06-05 15:26:382018-06-19$65.00
AUD PATThriller: [stories to keep you252402013-12-30 14:06:582014-01-13$40.00
AUD REIAudio : DEATH DU JOUR215242010-02-02 16:51:002010-02-16$24.00
AUD ROWAudio : HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY H180492013-12-30 14:08:272014-01-13$79.95
B CARLast words272672018-03-22 16:15:082018-04-05$15.00
B ELIThe LIFE OF ELIZABETH I106452010-12-17 11:21:552011-02-03$27.50
B GAIIT’S MORE THAN JUST MUSIC196312013-04-09 13:19:372013-04-23$19.95
B HAYGhost girl: the true story of 195782010-01-25 13:48:002010-06-02$7.98
B KNIFinding me: a decade of darkne278502015-04-30 17:11:022015-05-14$25.00
B MCEREBA MY STORY193162013-04-04 17:04:192013-04-18$22.95
B PELA man named Dave: a story of t269022013-06-24 12:05:022013-07-08$11.00
B PELA CHILD CALLED “IT” & THE LOST201942013-06-24 12:05:022013-07-08$15.00
DVD WHIVideo : White Fang To The Rescue264092013-04-24 17:02:052013-05-08$10.00
E AARThe LONELY LIONESS AND THE OST197332013-06-13 13:04:332013-06-27$12.95
E ADDWhen wishes were horses119882013-08-13 14:53:382013-08-27$15.00
E AIGFirst words196742011-07-22 10:54:232011-08-05$6.99
E AIGSee & spy counting7792017-03-16 15:13:322017-03-30$4.00
E AIGSee & spy shapes : poems7782017-03-16 15:13:322017-03-30$4.00
E ALBELMO LOVES YOU246372019-03-05 16:30:582019-04-02$3.00
E AMEWreck-it Ralph: game on!78740642016-10-18 10:42:262016-11-01$3.99
E ANGA LITTLE BOOK OF POEMS AND PRA239852013-06-03 14:21:152013-06-17$19.95
E ARICan you catch a coqui frog?274772018-10-04 12:25:352018-11-01$13.00
E ASCThe last puppy63512011-10-18 14:30:072011-11-18$5.95
E AWDMEET THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE AN246292017-01-26 16:00:462017-02-09$6.95
E BATMY FIRST MOTHER GOOSE BOOK208702011-10-18 14:30:282011-11-18$2.95
E BATThe little pea255392015-06-02 15:59:012015-06-16$8.00
E BERThe BEARS’ VACATION96802010-07-12 11:54:002010-07-26$6.95
E BERThe bears’ Christmas,76362011-04-18 16:17:582011-05-19$5.95
E BERThe BERENSTAIN BEARS AND THE S179082012-07-09 14:17:552012-07-23$2.95
E BERThe Berenstain bears on the mo279792014-10-17 13:46:502014-10-31$6.00
E BIBMy Bible Songs: Book 178733042016-10-18 11:48:042016-11-01$5.00
E BLIThe Kingfisher treasury of sto181072013-02-13 11:27:082016-11-01$6.95
E BRALITTLE DINOSAUR GETS DRESSED227012011-12-13 10:07:202011-12-27$13.95
E BREGingerbread Christmas78750942017-03-27 15:15:062017-04-10$19.00
E BRICLASSIC CLIFFORD STORIES180552011-10-18 14:30:452011-11-18$6.99
E BRICLIFFORD’S KITTEN179252011-10-18 14:31:102011-11-18$2.95
E BRIClifford celebrates the year258272012-08-29 11:24:102012-09-27$11.00
E BRITeacher’s pets259702014-08-06 14:09:302014-08-20$4.00
E BRICLIFFORD’S FIRST SCHOOL DAY179282014-08-06 14:09:302014-08-20$2.95
E BRIClifford’s busy week8162014-08-06 14:09:302014-08-20$4.00
E BRIClifford takes a trip258792016-10-18 11:48:042016-11-01$3.00
E BROARTHUR’S BACK-TO-SCHOOL SURPRI167832011-07-13 13:59:562011-07-27$3.99
E BROGoodnight moon213912011-10-18 14:36:492011-11-18$8.99
E BROA PUSSYCAT’S CHRISTMAS184642013-10-18 11:58:212013-11-01$8.00
E BROGoodnight moon273172016-02-08 14:12:172016-02-22$7.00
E BROArthur’s reading race8752016-04-15 14:37:252016-04-29$5.00
E BRUPixie Hollow reading adventure78746272017-12-14 15:39:072017-12-28$10.00
E BUTOne snowy night267512017-01-26 16:00:462017-02-09$12.95
E CAHJOHNNY TRACTORS AND FRIENDS–W156842015-01-26 14:42:142015-02-09$10.95
E CALTIGER’S BEDTIME249342014-06-12 13:45:512014-06-26$5.00
E CANCHICKEN SOUP FOR THE LITTLE SO218682011-02-09 12:10:192011-03-21$14.85
E CAPBISCUIT’S BIG FRIEND182272012-07-09 14:17:552012-07-23$2.99
E CAPBiscuit goes to school258422012-07-09 14:17:552012-07-23$5.00
E CAPBISCUIT’S VALENTINE’S DAY187792013-05-31 14:19:142013-07-01$6.95
E CAPBathtime for Biscuit78722372016-05-18 16:03:092016-06-29$4.00
E CARFROM HEAD TO TOE133922010-11-16 15:41:112010-12-17$7.99
E CARPATRICK’S DINOSAURS188952013-08-21 12:27:312013-09-04$10.95
E CARLots of bots!: a counting pop-78719272015-08-19 10:57:492015-09-02$15.00
E CARThe Very Clumsy Click Beetle78712432017-09-06 15:33:182017-10-26$20.00
E CARThe Grouchy Ladybug225022017-09-06 15:33:182017-10-26$8.00
E CHAOne enchanted Christmas: a lit252212013-11-13 16:06:592013-11-27$15.99
E CHRGO WEST, SWAMP MONSTERS78382016-09-09 16:44:522016-09-23$12.95
E CLACassie builds a bridge250222014-10-29 15:23:522014-11-12$7.00
E CLEThe HUNGRY DUCKLING164582011-10-18 14:31:262011-11-18$8.95
E COLMy big girl potty258832018-02-22 17:01:142018-03-08$7.00
E COLThe MAGIC SCHOOL BUS IBSIDE TH168522018-03-22 16:15:082018-04-05$4.99
E COXCat traps276212014-06-12 13:45:512014-06-26$4.00
E CREHANSEL & GRETEL203682011-05-17 11:25:182011-07-14$6.95
E CRIBASEBALL BALLERINA163802011-08-02 15:32:492011-09-01$3.50
E CURHELLLO, FARM ANIMAL247312012-07-09 14:17:552012-07-23$10.00
E CURBIG BROTHER, LITTLE BROTHER183942016-05-18 16:03:092016-06-29$8.95
E DAHThe CAT AND THE DOG147772011-07-13 13:59:562011-07-27$14.95
E DALTEN IN THE BED177672011-10-18 14:29:462011-11-18$12.99
E DARThe EVERLASTING SNOWMAN177642013-10-07 13:55:052013-10-21$12.99
E DEEThe library dragon78711102013-09-23 13:17:112013-10-25$17.00
E DELGOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS174032011-07-13 13:59:562011-07-27$3.99
E DELThumbelina237082017-05-12 12:39:592017-05-26$5.00
E DEWLlama Llama time to share269962013-08-22 12:46:232013-09-05$18.00
E DICBink & Gollie267632012-11-07 15:46:412012-11-26$16.00
E DISThe LION KING127122010-08-12 13:10:002010-08-26$5.95
E DISDISNEY PRINCESS200912011-06-15 15:44:412011-06-29$12.00
E DISThe LITTLE MERMAID156912011-07-15 14:44:092011-08-12$18.95
E DISCINDERELLA175702011-08-03 15:52:022011-08-17$14.95
E DISDumbo: the flying elephant.8772011-10-18 14:31:392011-11-18$4.00
E DISWalt Disney’s Pinocchio66352011-10-18 14:36:492011-11-18$5.95
E DISWalt Disney Pictures presents 6062011-12-13 10:07:212011-12-27$4.00
E DISThe RESCUERS DOWNUNDER175692012-07-13 16:14:592012-08-14$18.95
E DISThe RESCUERS DOWN UNDER174052012-07-13 16:14:592012-08-14$4.99
E DISDUMBO164742013-08-22 12:46:232013-09-05$18.95
E DISDisney Winnie the Pooh it’s fu271502013-08-22 12:46:232013-09-05$10.00
E DISBeauty and the beast.259752013-10-07 13:55:052013-10-21$5.00
E DISSNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARF177112014-02-24 17:22:392014-03-10$6.00
E DISPINOCCHIO156892014-02-24 17:22:402014-03-10$10.95
E DISPETER PAN127512014-08-07 18:35:152014-08-21$8.95
E DISWalt Disney’s Winnie the Pooh:78714142014-10-27 11:47:522014-11-10$5.00
E DISMINNIE’S VALENTINE226992015-01-26 14:42:142015-02-09$4.48
E DISDisney’s Lilo & Stitch279672016-01-26 11:05:232016-02-24$8.00
E DISPocahontas: An Unlikely Pair78720212016-02-08 14:12:172016-02-22$5.00
E DISDisney’s the Lion King: The pa78720132016-02-08 14:12:172016-02-22$5.00
E DISSunnyside Day Care: Toy Story 78733132016-04-06 15:13:532016-04-20$5.00
E DISCinderella’s countdown to the 259732016-06-28 15:09:032016-07-12$4.00
E DISI love you, Mama!259722016-06-28 15:09:032016-07-12$4.00
E DISWINNIE THE POOH AND TIGGER TOO180592016-09-09 16:44:522016-09-23$3.95
E DISGuess who, Minnie!78737202016-10-18 11:48:042016-11-01$11.00
E DISThe Disney fairies story colle78738292016-11-22 13:51:122016-12-06$28.00
E DISTARZAN180602016-11-22 13:51:562016-12-06$3.95
E DIS101 dalmatians78714802018-06-19 14:10:292018-07-03$2.00
E DISDisney’s Lady and the tramp: c78750432018-07-24 13:08:052018-08-07$20.00
E DRISmash trash!279602016-10-25 16:31:312016-11-28$4.00
E DUDBARNEY’S WEATHER BOOK227522011-10-07 17:04:292011-11-18$3.95
E DUKGuinea pigs far and near250062013-10-07 13:55:052013-10-21$10.00
E DYELITTLE BROWN BEAR AND THE BUND259762012-07-13 16:14:592012-08-14$16.00
E DYELittle Brown Bear and the bund276112015-06-02 15:59:012015-06-16$16.00
E EASGo, dog. Go!6182011-08-03 15:52:022011-08-17$9.00
E EASAre you my mother?120122013-10-18 11:58:212013-11-01$7.00
E EISA Treasury of children’s liter78719252015-07-20 12:09:542015-08-03$25.00
E EVAOLU’S DREAMS240352014-01-27 13:34:272014-02-10$16.99
E FELDon’t wake the puppies!: a cou258222012-07-30 11:26:172012-08-13$11.00
E FLEWHERE DO KISSES COME FROM234612011-08-03 15:52:022011-08-17$5.00
E FLEGorilla, be good258592012-07-09 14:17:552012-07-23$3.00
E GAMIs that you, winter?: a story189362014-06-12 13:45:512014-06-26$10.00
E GANFATHER GANDER NURSERY RHYMES180752011-02-01 14:46:272011-03-21$7.00
E GHIRIDDLE RHYMES176552012-02-23 18:46:442012-03-26$13.95
E GROBath time for Baby Strawberry280802016-06-02 11:26:462016-07-13$10.00
E HAIWhat happens at night?259782013-06-03 14:21:152013-06-17$5.00
E HASFive silly monkeys256882013-09-23 13:17:112013-10-25$5.00
E HILRISE AND SHINE218882011-10-18 14:32:212011-11-18$10.95
E HILLSPOT GOES TO SCHOOL153602014-08-06 14:09:302014-08-20$5.99
E HOFFA FIRST BIBLE STORY BOOK182442015-07-20 12:09:542015-08-03$19.95
E HURBEDTIME BIBLE STORY BOOK151412011-12-13 10:07:212011-12-27$8.95
E HYPBABY EINSTEIN–Van Gogh’s Worl218962014-02-24 17:22:402014-03-10$7.99
E JONOLD MACDONALD HAD A FARM218692010-05-03 16:44:002010-05-17$8.99
E JOYMOTHER GOOSE151522012-08-29 11:24:102012-09-27$4.99
E KANPinkalicious: soccer star267772016-06-02 11:26:462016-07-13$4.00
E KANPinkalicious and the perfect p78722342016-09-09 16:44:522016-09-23$4.00
E KENKing George and his duckies259602013-07-02 10:39:272013-07-16$5.00
E KERI can be a race car driver.259802013-08-13 12:36:322014-08-26$5.00
E KIRBUS STOP, BUS GO160062014-08-06 14:09:302014-08-20$8.95
E KORThe LION KING141052018-06-08 14:07:162018-06-22$9.00
E KROThe biggest Christmas tree eve259792013-12-17 11:05:432013-12-31$4.00
E LAGHome, stinky home268312016-10-18 11:48:042016-11-01$4.00
E LAMJAKE’S 100TH DAY OF SCHOOL226752010-07-08 13:47:002010-07-22$8.95
E LAWOld MacDonald had a farm!: a t78720252014-10-17 13:47:272014-10-31$5.00
E LEEThe Gift of Christmas177742013-12-17 11:05:432013-12-31$15.95
E LESThe tooth book7752019-02-27 16:29:142019-04-03$5.00
E LIFTHING THAT GO BOO226962011-10-07 17:04:282011-11-18$3.25
E LILWhen the rooster crowed8862014-10-27 11:47:522014-11-10$15.00
E LOBFrog and toad all year.276092016-08-19 12:08:332016-08-19$4.00
E LOBSmall pig273472016-09-09 16:44:512016-09-23$5.00
E LOBFROG AND TOAD TOGETHER109002018-01-12 15:53:572018-01-26$3.00
E LONFROGGY’S BEST CHRISTMAS182302010-07-08 13:47:002010-07-22$2.99
E LONFroggy goes to the doctor117672012-11-07 15:46:412012-11-26$15.99
E LONFROGGY’S HALLOWEEN180472016-10-11 12:59:292016-10-25$5.99
E LOPPUT ME IN THE ZOO218762010-07-08 13:47:002010-07-22$9.99
E LOPPut me in the zoo78738892018-09-13 14:19:042018-09-27$5.00
E LOROTIS226742010-05-03 16:44:002010-05-17$12.95
E LORHot Rod Hamster269152014-08-15 15:07:502014-08-29$17.00
E LUCDancing dinos go to school279572016-10-25 16:31:312016-11-28$4.00
E MARI SPY A PUMPKIN–LEVEL 1163472011-10-18 14:36:492011-11-18$3.99
E MARChicka chicka boom boom78714672014-02-07 16:07:342014-03-13$8.00
E MARChicka chicka boom boom78740352016-08-02 10:33:072016-08-23$11.00
E MAYLittle Critter’s the picnic78723942018-01-12 15:53:572018-01-26$10.00
E McBGUESS HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU146482011-06-15 15:34:142011-06-29$5.98
E McGThis farm is a mess115952016-04-15 14:37:252016-04-29$12.95
E MCPChristmas surprise78757122017-05-12 12:39:592017-05-26$4.00
E MILCELEBRATE THE YEAR WITH WINNIE132212012-08-29 11:24:102012-09-27$19.99
E MILWINNIE-THE-POOH126832018-01-05 14:08:482018-03-28$8.95
E MONA Dragon in a Wagon.115912014-10-27 11:47:522014-11-10$11.00
E MOOThe night before Christmas177652013-12-17 11:05:432013-12-31$12.99
E MORWhen I’m feeling sad280892015-10-21 14:06:192015-11-04$15.00
E MURDON’T WAKE UP THE BEAR!6232016-04-15 14:37:252016-04-29$5.00
E NEUWhere is Henry?117802014-02-07 16:07:342014-03-13$15.95
E NEWBOW-WOW’S240282015-08-19 10:57:492015-09-02$4.99
E O’COFANCY NANCY’S FAVORITE FANCY W215912016-08-02 10:33:072016-08-23$12.99
E OCOFancy Nancy226072011-02-09 12:10:192011-03-21$18.00
E OCOSplendiferous Christmas267682014-11-18 16:16:352014-12-02$18.00
E OCOBonjour, butterfly78718922014-12-02 10:19:352015-01-22$18.00
E OCOFancy Nancy267712015-06-12 13:24:572015-06-26$18.00
E OCOFancy Nancy and the mermaid ba267672016-04-06 15:13:532016-04-20$18.00
E OCOFancy Nancy: Sand castles and 78720742016-08-02 10:33:072016-08-23$4.00
E OCOFancy Nancy and the posh puppy78719162017-05-12 12:39:592017-05-26$17.00
E OHICHICKEN, PIG, COW225622011-08-09 12:36:122011-09-09$6.95
E OWEI KNOW AN OLD LADY138032010-05-19 13:23:002010-06-02$15.95
E PACDisney’s two-minute good night76722017-05-12 12:39:592017-05-26$14.95
E PACFall leaves259842018-09-13 14:19:042018-09-27$4.00
E PATPARSON DIMLY’S TREASURE HUNT159322011-02-09 12:10:192011-03-21$5.99
E PATWIND in the WILLOWS-THE OPEN R246402014-10-13 11:54:252014-10-27$3.00
E PILCHARLIE THE CRANE206882013-06-03 14:21:152013-06-17$5.95
E PILThe Hallo-wiener78752062019-02-27 16:29:142019-04-03$5.00
E PINThe ugly duckling276542018-07-24 13:08:052018-08-07$15.00
E PINONE HUNDRED HUNGRY ANTS169242019-01-10 15:13:432019-02-07$4.99
E POLThank you, Mr. Falker78744522018-05-21 17:17:052018-06-04$10.00
E POTTALES OF PETER RABBIT AND OTHE102302011-10-18 14:29:242011-11-18$19.99
E PREThe RANDOM HOUSE BOOK OF POETR103452013-08-22 12:46:232013-09-05$23.95
E PURMRS. MERRIWETHER’S MUSICAL CAT147802012-11-13 15:44:202012-11-27$10.95
E RASA ball for Daisy267822014-10-27 11:47:522014-11-10$17.00
E REEGOOD THINGS JESUS DID189302011-08-09 12:30:012011-09-09$5.00
E REYCurious George takes a job265972014-02-07 16:07:342014-03-13$5.00
E RINGoodnight, goodnight, construc267662016-01-26 11:13:112016-02-09$17.00
E ROCDISCOVER THE BIBLE229952011-06-15 15:34:142011-06-29$10.00
E ROCThe three bears & 15 other sto250082013-08-13 14:53:382013-08-27$15.00
E ROSANIMAL BABIES BOOK & PUZZLE SE185372011-06-15 15:34:142011-06-29$5.95
E ROSCARE BEARS–THE CARE BEARS BAT160142012-07-13 16:14:592012-08-14$10.95
E ROSPinky’s first spring day258232016-04-15 14:37:252016-04-29$3.00
E ROSDora goes to the doctor ; Dora78737112016-07-19 10:41:132016-08-23$5.00
E RUBBARBIE & THE DIAMOND CASTLE/ST194252010-08-26 14:13:002010-09-09$3.99
E RYLMR. PUTTER & TABBY MAKE A WISH187782014-09-25 16:27:012014-10-09$4.00
E SANBLUE’S BIG BOOK OF STORIES227472010-08-26 14:14:002010-09-09$10.95
E SCIRobot Zot!78719332015-08-19 10:57:012015-09-02$17.00
E SEAEyes & nose, fingers & toes.250232014-09-25 16:33:192014-10-09$6.00
E SESAt the zoo.78711182014-02-07 16:07:342014-03-13$2.00
E SESBig Bird’s Doctror Visit78720262014-09-25 16:33:192014-10-09$5.00
E SEUThe CAT IN THE HAT COMES BACK158962011-07-22 10:54:232011-08-05$7.99
E SEUThere’s a wocket in my pocket!100722013-06-20 14:56:512013-07-06$5.95
E SEUGreen eggs and ham,8872013-10-02 16:32:572013-10-16$4.00
E SEUThe SHAPE OF ME AND OTHER STUF103572013-12-06 16:16:112013-12-20$5.95
E SEUThe CAT IN THE HAT126752014-09-25 16:34:362014-10-09$3.95
E SEUFox in socks152212014-09-25 16:34:372014-10-09$13.95
E SEUHOP ON POP171922016-08-02 10:33:072016-08-23$5.95
E SEUDr. Seuss’s ABC: an amazing al273212019-01-10 15:13:432019-02-07$5.00
E SHANo, David!256822015-10-21 14:06:192015-11-04$15.00
E SHATOO MANY TOYS226772015-10-21 14:06:192015-11-04$12.95
E SHERudolph the red-nosed reindeer279702014-11-18 16:16:352014-12-02$4.00
E SHEWhiplash!78742592019-01-10 15:13:432019-02-07$4.00
E SILA giraffe and a half117582010-07-26 16:05:002010-08-09$16.89
E SIMREAD & LEARN–MY FIRST BOOK OF218872012-02-23 18:46:442012-03-26$9.99
E SIMOut of sight: pictures of hidd78773502018-10-04 12:25:352018-11-01$10.00
E SIMThe stray dog78768482019-02-27 16:29:142019-04-03$4.00
E SKITotally talented pets78714932016-07-19 10:41:132016-08-23$4.00
E SNYThe ITSY BITSY SPIDER168082010-07-08 13:49:002010-07-22$5.95
E SOELadder to the moon255402013-08-13 14:53:382013-08-27$17.00
E STOT is for turkey: a true Thanks78714182015-11-03 12:19:532015-11-17$5.00
E TALDisney’s Winnie the Pooh’s bed246972014-02-24 17:22:402014-03-10$20.00
E TAYI WONDER WHY SOAP MAKES BUBBLE177612013-12-06 16:16:112013-12-20$12.99
E TEIALVIN’S DAYDREAMS141542010-07-22 12:20:002010-08-05$5.95
E TEIIf I Could Drive a Dump Truck!281402016-12-06 13:27:472016-12-20$4.00
E THAThe Christmas party from the B5732014-09-25 16:27:012014-10-09$4.00
E THOMy side of the story252142012-07-13 16:14:592012-08-14$6.00
E TOBDance, mermaids, dance258462013-05-31 14:19:142013-07-01$8.00
E VALDora goes to school78726132016-02-08 14:12:172016-02-22$10.00
E VANThe Polar Express257812013-12-17 11:05:432013-12-31$19.00
E VIOALEXANDER AND THE TERRIBLE, HO178022015-06-12 11:07:312015-06-26$3.00
E VIOALEXANDER & THE TERRIBLE, HORR133422016-09-09 16:44:522016-09-23$3.99
E WEBMy Little Treasury Bedtime Sto78732962016-04-15 14:37:252016-04-29$5.00
E WIETuesday195672017-03-27 15:15:062017-04-10$15.95
E WILLEONARDO THE TERRIBLE MONSTER223422010-05-03 16:44:002010-05-17$16.99
E WILALBERT’S TOOTHACHE147712010-07-07 11:24:002010-07-21$10.95
E WILThe duckling gets a cookie!?267742013-12-06 16:18:382013-12-20$16.00
E WILThe PIGEON WANTS A PUPPY223922013-12-06 16:18:382013-12-20$14.99
E WILTHE VELVETEEN RABBIT102292013-12-06 16:19:052013-12-20$14.99
E WILDon’t let the pigeon drive the224362014-08-06 14:09:302014-08-20$14.99
E WILThe pigeon wants a puppy!78726212015-06-02 15:59:012015-06-16$16.00
E WILI Am Invited to a Party222842015-08-19 10:57:012015-09-02$5.00
E WILELEPHANTS CANNOT DANCE225042015-08-19 10:57:012015-09-02$8.99
E WILDON’T LET THE PIGEON STAY UP L225052016-04-15 14:37:252016-04-29$16.00
E WILThat is NOT a good idea!78730142017-03-27 15:15:062017-04-10$18.00
E WILDon’t let the pigeon drive the273002018-03-22 16:15:082018-04-05$14.99
E WISMORRIS GOES TO SCHOOL72052014-08-06 14:09:302014-08-20$12.95
E ZIOHARRY THE DIRTY DOG213702010-07-22 12:19:002010-08-05$17.89
F ALLDaughter of Fortune231752011-10-25 14:53:052011-11-29$26.00
F ANDWillow11462011-09-23 14:47:112011-10-07$8.00
F ANDDeep dish262142016-04-06 15:13:532016-04-20$15.00
F ARCA prisoner of birth78727402019-02-27 16:29:142019-04-03$28.00
F ARLThe doll’s house: a Detective 78740092017-05-09 14:22:382017-05-23$15.00
F ATKDIRTY SOUTH160872013-07-22 14:31:092013-09-03$24.95
F BEAThe SKELETON IN THE CLOSET106212010-07-01 18:07:002010-07-15$23.00
F BEADeath of a chimney sweep266362013-03-20 13:55:302013-04-22$25.00
F BIGBEAUTIFUL DREAMER148422012-09-25 16:23:032012-10-09$21.95
F BLUSUMMER SISTERS239862015-04-30 17:11:022015-05-14$10.00
F BRETuscaloosa Moon: A Murder Myst78715872014-09-02 11:25:192014-09-16$25.00
F BROCLAWS AND EFFECT132432011-04-20 15:38:572011-06-24$14.95
F BROREST IN PIECES220682011-04-20 15:38:572011-06-24$7.50
F BROANGELS & DEMONS199392013-08-21 12:27:312013-09-04$24.95
F CARThree complete novels77012011-10-25 14:53:052011-11-29$14.95
F CHIWithout fail273782013-06-17 10:16:282013-07-01$10.00
F CHRAgatha Christie: five complete77302010-05-19 16:49:002010-06-02$64.75
F CLAON THE STREET WHERE YOU LIVE121652010-07-22 12:20:002010-08-05$16.99
F CLATom Clancy’s splinter cell: Ch254392011-03-31 18:55:242011-04-14$10.00
F CLAMoonlight becomes you: a novel120692012-04-05 13:17:302012-04-30$24.99
F CLADead or alive78734902017-04-12 12:37:362017-05-18$29.00
F CONThe PRINCE OF TIDES139572011-04-21 15:54:182011-05-05$19.95
F CORThe bone bed14242013-11-19 16:23:042013-12-05$20.00
F CORThe bone bed281912018-07-24 13:08:062018-08-07$29.00
F CORThe Scarpetta factor78733312018-07-24 13:08:062018-08-07$28.00
F COTBlack Valley Riders260002014-08-29 11:51:012014-09-12$7.00
F COTCROSSING FIRE RIVER210092014-08-29 11:51:022014-09-12$5.99
F CUSTREASURE OF KHAN221612011-10-14 16:28:592011-10-28$29.95
F CUSTREASURE187292012-10-24 15:41:012012-11-07$18.95
F CUSSAHARA186912012-10-24 15:41:012012-11-07$23.00
F DELWhile my sister sleeps7542011-04-18 16:17:582011-05-19$26.00
F DUMREBECCA186842012-03-26 10:50:052012-04-30$14.95
F DZICRAFTY CAT CRIMES134412011-06-08 16:42:512011-06-22$75.00
F EVAThe CAROUSEL101472010-05-19 15:28:002010-06-02$12.95
F EVATHREE PLUMS in ONE; ONE FOR TH242022011-02-01 14:20:242011-03-21$28.99
F EVATwo for the dough137842012-04-05 13:39:072012-04-27$7.99
F EVAONE FOR THE MONEY237292012-11-27 14:50:342013-01-02$7.99
F EVAThe heist: a novel78736622018-07-24 13:08:052018-08-07$20.00
F FOLFall of giants253582011-07-22 10:26:232011-09-23$36.00
F FRAPAWLEYS ISLAND218302011-05-18 15:16:012011-06-09$25.95
F FRADick Francis’s refusal277872018-07-24 13:08:052018-08-07$20.00
F GABDrums of autumn78728002017-06-06 14:17:582017-06-20$18.00
F GARPRINCE CHARMING121832010-07-20 13:20:002010-08-03$20.95
F GARRansom85192010-07-20 13:20:002010-08-03$12.95
F GARThe wedding115822010-07-20 13:20:002010-08-03$25.00
F GARCOME THE SPRING171832010-07-20 13:21:002010-08-03$24.00
F GARThe NEIGHBOR248402010-12-13 16:40:092010-12-27$7.99
F GEOThe MEMOIRS OF CLEOPATRA159602012-08-16 13:05:352012-09-13$22.95
F GEOMURDER ON A GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT175432015-03-17 15:30:112015-03-31$6.99
F GEOMURDER ON A BAD HAIR DAY137082015-03-17 15:30:112015-03-31$5.99
F GOLWILDWOOD ROAD210262011-06-03 13:48:562011-06-17$23.95
F GRAThe DEAD ROOM191792013-02-13 11:27:082016-11-01$19.95
F GRANightwalker262302013-02-13 11:27:082016-11-01$20.00
F GREFallen skies78711292017-03-28 15:28:572017-05-18$10.00
F GREThe Lady of the Rivers78744792017-03-28 15:28:582017-05-18$20.00
F GRIThe summons254922011-07-14 14:34:032011-07-28$20.00
F GRUWATER FOR ELEPHANTS225842011-04-20 15:38:572011-06-24$13.95
F HAIHAM BONES228252010-05-19 16:48:002010-06-02$6.99
F HARDead until dark251402010-12-13 16:40:092010-12-27$8.00
F HARDeadlocked270522017-10-16 10:48:502017-10-30$28.00
F HARDead and gone78744732017-10-16 10:48:502017-10-30$8.00
F HEUMurder at St. Polycarp250732012-06-27 14:29:222012-07-27$6.00
F HEYThe quiet gentleman255432011-10-25 14:53:052011-11-29$14.00
F HILHORNS244572013-06-19 11:27:242013-07-08$27.95
F HOFLAST WITNESS143052012-12-27 13:03:132013-01-10$18.95
F HOFPractical magic115422014-09-30 15:51:392014-10-14$22.95
F HOLLord of the Far Island78720122017-03-28 15:28:582017-05-18$10.00
F HOWDEATH ANGEL193242012-11-19 10:53:132012-12-03$26.00
F HOWMR. PERFECT121442014-06-24 13:46:422014-07-08$24.95
F JACSORCERESS219752012-04-12 14:48:192012-05-15$7.99
F JAMFifty shades of Grey78726822018-06-05 16:26:582018-06-19$16.00
F JOHSAVAGERY OF THE MOUNTAIN MAN237412012-01-04 11:50:162012-01-18$5.99
F JOHFIRESTORM199922012-11-19 10:53:132012-12-03$24.95
F JOHSleep no more14252015-03-17 15:30:112015-03-31$18.00
F JOHQUICKSAND213282015-03-17 15:30:112015-03-31$20.00
F KARAt home in Mitford83292016-07-25 10:33:292016-08-08$11.95
F KARLight from heaven260362019-03-13 14:33:342019-04-10$27.00
F KINCHRISTINE191882010-11-17 13:33:502010-12-01$15.95
F KINNightmares and dreamscapes251142010-11-17 13:33:502010-12-01$28.00
F KINStorm of the century116812010-11-17 13:33:502010-12-01$23.95
F KINThe green mile261822012-02-14 16:15:572012-03-26$22.00
F KINBag of bones261982012-02-21 15:46:372012-03-26$22.00
F KINThe TALISMAN134212012-02-23 18:46:442012-03-26$18.95
F KINThe waste lands262002012-05-04 12:18:162012-05-18$25.00
F KINPet sematary260662012-05-09 12:48:382012-05-23$20.00
F KINThe shining260642012-06-21 15:41:562012-07-24$20.00
F KINUnder the dome: a novel262282012-10-24 11:39:302012-11-07$35.00
F KINDESPERATION261922013-12-09 13:21:432013-12-23$22.00
F KINLisey’s story: a novel260622014-02-18 16:46:472014-04-11$25.00
F KINThe TOMMYKNOCKERS126612014-02-18 16:46:472014-04-11$19.95
F KINThe DEAD ZONE191892014-02-18 16:46:472014-04-11$15.95
F KINSurvivor5612014-05-30 11:21:272014-06-13$25.00
F KINThe girl who loved Tom Gordon78735982018-10-16 15:02:412018-10-30$17.00
F KLATrue crime113662010-07-01 18:07:002010-07-15$23.95
F KOOODD HOURS194382010-06-07 12:54:002010-06-21$27.00
F KOOThe BAD PLACE205942010-07-07 12:26:002010-07-21$19.95
F KOOHouse of thunder: a novel250622011-06-27 11:07:132011-07-26$15.00
F KOOFOREVER ODD192572011-06-27 11:07:132011-07-26$15.95
F KOOWhat the night knows: a novel260682013-04-03 12:38:152013-04-17$26.00
F KOOTwilight eyes261882013-06-28 15:55:592013-07-12$16.00
F KOOThe face261562013-08-15 13:23:322013-08-29$8.00
F KOOTHREE COMPLETE NOVELS, A NEW C134242017-06-02 16:39:232017-06-16$35.40
F KOOMR. MURDER199892017-06-02 16:39:232017-06-16$23.95
F LAGThe girl in the spider’s web78729002016-07-05 16:10:532016-08-01$28.00
F LARThe girl who played with fire267222012-11-29 15:38:512012-12-13$15.95
F LEETO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD223162016-08-31 12:12:072016-09-14$15.99
F LINHEART OF A WARRIOR191592013-09-23 11:26:372013-10-07$25.00
F LOWWinter fire117052014-06-24 13:46:422014-07-08$12.95
F MACA turn in the road273312015-04-21 11:40:002015-05-14$25.00
F MACThe shop on Blossom Street78734672016-07-25 10:33:292016-08-08$20.00
F MADEverlastin’262512014-06-24 13:46:422014-07-08$8.00
F MARWHEN CRICKETS CRY153472012-04-19 16:46:002012-05-03$14.99
F MARThe DEAD DON’T DANCE203832012-04-19 16:46:002012-05-03$15.00
F MCKWICKED CRAVING216212011-06-10 10:41:462011-06-24$22.00
F MCNUNTIL YOU226562011-11-08 14:41:472011-11-29$22.00
F MICSeasons of Her Life222782013-03-27 13:27:362013-04-10$15.00
F MIZHell at Tannehill257442012-01-10 11:18:202012-01-24$15.00
F MORThe distant hours: a novel7602011-07-01 11:00:472011-08-03$26.00
F MORThe forgotten garden: a novel7592016-01-26 11:05:232016-02-24$15.00
F NEGTEMPTING FATE249992011-04-15 12:28:472011-05-17$7.99
F PARGhost country125222011-06-06 12:09:122011-06-29$14.95
F PARThe PROFESSIONAL233912013-07-22 14:31:092013-09-03$24.95
F PARSTRANGER IN PARADISE175922013-07-22 14:31:092013-09-03$25.95
F PARBlue-eyed devil10662017-11-08 12:20:112017-12-01$26.00
F PATCROSS162112010-02-02 16:51:002010-02-16$27.99
F PATHONEYMOON149742010-03-25 13:56:002010-04-08$28.95
F PATThe 6th TARGET160602010-05-27 16:39:002010-06-10$26.95
F PATVIOLETS ARE BLUE125782010-06-07 12:53:002010-06-21$18.95
F PATDOUBLE CROSS180392010-06-07 12:53:002010-06-21$27.99
F PATFOUR BLIND MICE132852010-06-07 12:53:002010-06-21$27.95
F PATHIDE & SEEK163662010-06-07 12:53:002010-06-21$23.95
F PATJack and Jill: a novel200842010-06-07 12:53:002010-06-21$24.95
F PATWORST CASE239982011-02-01 14:20:242011-03-21$19.95
F PATI, ALEX CROSS239992011-02-01 14:20:242011-03-21$19.95
F PATCradle and all: a novel116962013-06-28 15:55:592013-07-12$25.95
F PATThe LAKE HOUSE126972014-10-27 11:47:522014-11-10$21.95
F PATFirst love280372018-07-24 13:08:052018-08-07$26.00
F PICThe PACT222112012-06-12 15:54:082012-06-26$14.95
F PLAThe SCARLET CLOAK231282011-11-08 14:41:472011-11-29$5.00
F PLAThe RELUCTANT QUEEN207022011-11-08 14:41:472011-11-29$4.99
F PLAThe ROSE WITHOUT A THORN207032011-11-08 14:41:472011-11-29$5.99
F PLAThe PLEASURES OF LOVE217502011-11-08 14:41:472011-11-29$4.99
F PLAVICTORIA IN THE WINGS207432011-11-08 14:41:472011-11-29$4.99
F POBBLUE DAHLIA229462011-05-03 11:01:302011-05-17$7.99
F RAYRoots of evil261442013-02-04 11:33:132013-02-18$23.00
F REIBare bones253772011-01-25 14:17:122011-03-21$22.00
F RICINTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE193502009-07-27 13:42:002009-08-10$15.95
F RICInterview with the vampire250672012-10-29 12:04:192012-11-13$8.00
F RICThe vampire Lestat250662012-10-29 12:04:192012-11-13$8.00
F RICTaltos273372013-08-22 12:46:232013-09-05$25.00
F RICThe VAMPIRE LESTAT160252014-07-28 11:25:462014-08-11$27.95
F RICPrince Lestat281702016-07-05 16:10:532016-08-01$29.00
F ROBBLACK ROSE205622011-05-03 11:01:302011-05-17$7.99
F ROBMoon shadows254372011-05-03 11:01:302011-05-17$8.00
F ROBThe MacGregor brides253642011-05-03 13:11:342011-05-17$7.00
F ROBThe MacGregor Grooms208352011-05-03 13:11:342011-05-17$7.99
F ROBTable for two250532011-07-22 10:54:232011-08-05$8.00
F ROBO’Hurley’s return5392011-07-22 10:54:232011-08-05$10.00
F ROBWestern Skies264342012-11-19 10:53:132012-12-03$8.00
F ROSOREGON LEGACY229832012-05-08 12:41:162012-05-22$4.50
F ROSAWAKENING213552012-05-08 12:41:172012-05-22$5.99
F RULAND NEVER LET HER GO108312010-05-10 14:52:002010-05-24$35.00
F SHETHREE COMPLETE NOVELS-BLOODLIN150112012-04-23 16:02:502012-05-15$23.95
F SPADear John202482011-05-23 16:02:362011-07-06$14.00
F SPAThe rescue125962012-02-28 15:00:032012-04-16$14.95
F SPATRUE BELIEVER237872012-04-23 11:34:462012-05-23$24.95
F SPAThe wedding135462012-04-23 11:34:462012-05-23$23.95
F SPAThe notebook: a novel152632012-05-15 10:55:092012-06-29$16.95
F SPAThe lucky one265702014-09-02 11:25:192014-09-16$25.00
F SPATrue believer270292014-09-02 11:25:202014-09-16$8.00
F SPAThe wedding9502015-04-03 13:49:002015-04-17$8.00
F SPAThe guardian126162015-05-21 14:18:502015-06-24$24.95
F SPAThe best of me264462015-05-21 14:18:502015-06-24$26.00
F SPAVampire mine78766392018-11-29 15:55:232018-12-27$8.00
F STEThe long road home113372010-04-06 15:02:002010-04-20$23.95
F STESECOND CHANCE137532011-08-11 18:27:332011-10-06$20.00
F STEThe art of racing in the rain:256012013-11-20 14:02:042013-12-04$15.00
F STINRed rain270722014-07-25 14:29:452014-08-08$20.00
F TRAMONKEY WRENCH246122010-09-28 11:51:002010-10-12$24.00
F TRALIVE BAIT244852010-09-28 11:52:002010-10-12$24.00
F WEIBest Friends Forever222992012-04-19 16:46:002012-05-03$27.00
F WESThe hook99542010-07-23 11:07:002010-08-06$19.95
J 520 MITThe young Oxford book of astro259412019-01-08 16:32:072019-01-22$10.00
J 551.46 MACOCEAN223332010-05-03 16:44:002010-05-17$16.99
J 636.7BOSTON TERRIERS242362014-10-29 12:16:172014-11-12$10.00
J 640 KUNAMERICAN GRUB203732011-10-18 14:32:002011-11-18$6.95
J 641.8COOL QUICK BREADS242352011-03-01 14:43:192011-04-01$10.00
J 910 PLAPIRATE224122011-02-28 13:33:532011-09-23$15.99
J 921 FRIAND THEN WHAT HAPPENED PAUL RE224702012-01-31 15:23:162012-02-14$2.95
J AVEJENNY AND THE CAT CLUB175542011-02-09 12:09:292011-04-01$16.95
J B MANNelson Mandela226662013-11-14 18:53:082013-11-30$4.99
J B TUB“Wanted dead or alive”: the tr110752015-04-30 17:11:022015-05-14$2.95
J BENFRANNY K. STEIN MAD SCIENTIST/181092011-02-09 12:09:292011-04-01$3.99
J BENFRANNY K. STEIN–MAD SCIENTIST167852011-02-09 12:09:292011-04-01$3.99
J BONThe CASE OF THE SCAREDY CATS/A188902011-02-09 12:09:292011-04-01$8.95
J EMBThe BLUE- NOSED WITCH153702013-06-03 14:21:152013-06-17$12.95
J HINThe case of the zoo clue258962011-10-18 14:36:492011-11-18$3.00
J HOFBYE-BYE BUBBLES?–THE POWERPUF168072010-07-08 13:48:002010-07-22$5.95
J KLEREADY, FREDDY READY, SET, SNOW248112010-12-07 16:30:122010-12-21$5.00
J KLEHOMEWORK HASSLES181172010-12-07 16:30:122010-12-21$3.99
J MILESThe PUPPY PLACE–GOLDIE176822011-03-01 14:43:192011-04-01$3.99
J PARJUNIE B., FIRST GRADER CHEATER166982010-07-22 12:19:002010-08-05$5.99
J PARMerry Christmas, Amelia Bedeli117862010-09-07 15:29:002010-09-21$14.89
J PARJUNIE B., FIRST GRADER CHEATER148202011-03-17 16:15:512011-04-01$3.99
J PARJUNIE B., FIRST GRADER ALOHA-H199052011-08-24 16:10:002011-09-07$4.99
J PARJUNIE B., FIRST GRADER BOSS OF139482013-07-02 10:39:272013-07-16$3.99
J PARJUNIE B. JONES LOVES HANDSOME 171452013-11-06 16:52:452013-11-20$3.99
J PARJUNIE B. JUNE IS CAPTAIN FIELD170262013-12-06 16:16:112013-12-20$3.99
J PARJUNIE B., FIRST GRADER ONE-MAN148182014-11-18 16:17:452014-12-02$3.99
J PARMERRY CHRISTMAS, AMELIA BEDELI157052014-11-18 16:20:042014-12-02$3.50
J PARJUNIE B., FIRST GRADER (AT LAS148232017-11-28 12:19:102018-01-02$3.99
J PARJUNIE B., FIRST GRADER CHEATER150772017-11-28 12:19:102018-01-02$3.99
J RELThe beginner’s Bible: timeless97612010-09-07 15:28:002010-09-21$12.95
J SENWHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE166152013-10-18 11:58:212013-11-01$4.95
J SKOAn I CAN READ BOOK–DETECTIVE 160112017-05-12 12:39:592017-05-26$14.95
J TORMAGICAL CREATVRES259942012-10-01 15:27:022012-10-15$5.00
J WHICHARLOTTE’S WEB223142015-07-20 12:09:532015-08-03$8.99
J WILThe classic tale of The velvet58522011-04-21 15:54:192011-05-05$14.95
J320 PARA long walk to water78763142017-08-14 13:19:352017-10-26$10.00
J398 SCIThe STINKY CHEESE MAN26262010-05-03 16:00:002010-05-17$14.95
J599.77 MARWolves78748382019-01-08 16:32:072019-01-22$2.50
J973.3 SULPAUL REVERE94502012-01-31 15:23:162012-02-14$12.95
JE BEAThe REALLY BIG BOOK OF AMAZING185382011-10-18 14:36:492011-11-18$34.95
JE BERBERENSTAIN’S A- BOOK170322014-06-12 13:45:512014-06-26$3.50
JE DISBAMBI139752010-07-08 13:48:002010-07-22$5.95
JE DRITHUMPERS FLUFFY TAIL219142010-07-12 11:53:002010-07-26$6.99
JE FAUMY FIRST TREASURY MOTHER GOOSE137512010-05-03 11:49:002010-05-17$24.95
JE FONThe COLOR MONSTER182582013-06-20 14:56:292013-07-06$8.95
JE MARI SPY SPOOKY NIGHT–A BOOK OF 167642010-05-19 15:27:002010-06-02$12.95
JE PALMOOSELTOE164712011-02-28 13:33:522011-09-23$12.95
JE PINNOAH’S ARK219022010-07-07 11:24:002010-07-21$16.95
JE SEUThe CAT IN THE HAT183992010-05-10 14:52:002010-05-24$8.95
JE SWINLITTLE GOLDEN BOOK–BIG BIRD B160282010-05-10 14:52:002010-05-24$8.95
JE WICKCAN YOU SEE WHAT I SEE? ONCE U153902011-02-09 12:10:192011-03-21$13.99
JE ZIEMICKEY’S CHRISTMAS SONG228692010-07-22 12:20:002010-08-05$6.98
JF BRAGIRLS IN PANTS202432010-06-15 12:15:002010-06-29$8.95
JF MCDA TIME TO DIE172702010-04-14 10:37:002010-04-28$3.50
JF PARThe CUPID CHRONICLES180832010-04-14 10:37:002010-04-28$3.99
JFMCDANGELS IN PINK179322010-03-01 11:14:002010-03-15$4.99
LEETo kill a mockingbird97807636603472018-08-15 16:42:072018-08-29$3.00
MACAlaska home97807636602402018-10-23 17:03:432018-11-20$4.00
R KINEver after78752772017-05-12 12:39:592017-05-26$15.00
REFERENCESCIENCE DESK REFERENCE111362017-06-26 15:57:272017-06-26$43.00
REL BRUA cousin’s challenge278172016-10-18 11:48:032016-11-01$15.00
REL BRUA cousin’s prayer270152016-10-18 11:48:032016-11-01$11.00
REL BRUA cousin’s promise8562016-10-18 11:48:032016-11-01$15.00
REL BRUAllison’s journey78746562016-10-18 11:48:032016-11-01$10.00
REL BRUDear to me78729442016-10-18 11:48:042016-11-01$7.00
REL BRUOn her own78729422016-10-18 11:48:042016-11-01$7.00
REL BRUGoing home78729432016-10-18 11:48:042016-11-01$7.00
REL LAHLEFT BEHIND196182010-06-28 15:25:002010-07-12$19.99
REL LAHThe mark: the beast rules the 113322011-02-28 13:33:522011-09-23$24.95
REL LAHTRIBULATION FORCE #TWO125012012-11-29 15:38:512012-12-13$15.99
REL LEMJABEZ175582010-07-20 15:20:002010-08-03$10.95
REL LOUMaryland: promises kept in thr78737792018-01-26 12:05:262018-02-09$11.00
REL PERThe oath116852012-11-26 14:04:512012-12-10$12.95
REL PETA promise to believe in78711242016-02-08 14:05:162016-02-22$14.00
REL RIVRedeeming love192722012-07-11 11:04:522012-07-25$15.95
REL RIVVOICE IN THE WIND185852012-07-11 11:04:522012-07-25$20.00
REL YOUThe SHACK199932011-06-15 15:34:142011-06-29$9.00
REL YOUThe SHACK221692011-10-04 16:57:422011-11-18$14.99
SF AGUWanderlust267092015-05-05 17:02:002015-05-19$8.00
SF ANDTALES OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS217882011-08-16 13:48:262011-08-30$6.99
SF BROWorld War Z: an oral history o272832013-09-23 11:00:202013-10-07$15.00
SF HARDead Witches Tell No Tales260782012-04-12 14:48:192012-05-15$25.00
SF JONThe BARBED COIL125732011-06-27 10:29:102011-09-23$22.00
SF KARStar Wars: Darth Bane: Path of233562014-07-28 11:25:462014-08-11$20.00
SF KENBlood trinity267072012-11-19 10:53:132012-12-03$8.00
SF KENBorn of shadows267062013-02-05 14:59:042013-03-07$22.00
SF KENNo mercy267052013-02-05 14:59:042013-03-07$25.00
SF LIPHouse of dark shadows263622012-11-02 12:41:502012-11-16$2.99
SF REYREVELATION SPACE128172011-08-16 16:23:452011-08-30$10.99
SF REYREDEMPTION ARK128182011-08-16 16:23:462011-08-30$10.99
SF TOLThe HOBBIT248342012-11-29 15:38:512012-12-13$24.95
SF TOLThe RETURN OF THE KING249512013-07-02 14:03:482013-07-16$22.00
SF TOLThe Lord of the Rings245012013-09-25 15:57:452013-10-09$20.00
T ANDFever 1793222882010-07-20 13:20:002010-08-03$13.00
T ANDSPEAK223242011-05-10 12:54:132011-05-24$16.99
T ARAFullmetal alchemist. — Volume 14602013-04-04 16:42:062013-04-18$9.00
T ARMThe summoning261382012-05-02 12:39:172012-05-16$9.00
T ARMThe awakening266962012-11-26 14:04:512012-12-10$15.00
T BELQueer: the ultimate LGBT guide269412013-11-26 15:07:102013-12-10$15.00
T BENAudrey, wait!257252012-03-20 13:10:082012-04-30$9.00
T BODThe raft78755012018-01-26 12:05:262018-02-09$10.00
T BURThe VAST FIELDS OF ORDINARY240842013-11-26 15:07:102013-12-10$29.95
T CALThunder: a novel78763042017-11-02 18:53:322017-11-16$17.00
T CASGRACELING242162013-07-09 11:52:472013-07-23$10.00
T CASThe siren78738242016-10-21 10:24:462016-11-04$19.00
T CASMarked78732092017-03-16 15:16:302017-03-30$9.00
T CASUntamed: a house of night nove78732112017-03-16 15:16:302017-03-30$20.00
T CASTempted78735192017-03-16 15:16:302017-03-30$20.00
T CASHunted78735222017-03-16 15:16:302017-03-30$10.00
T CASBurned: a house of night novel264562017-03-16 15:16:302017-03-30$10.00
T CASAwakened264552017-03-16 15:16:302017-03-30$18.00
T CHABECAUSE I AM FURNITURE225372011-06-02 13:47:482011-06-16$16.99
T CLAClockwork angel263722012-06-12 15:54:082012-06-26$11.00
T CLACity of fallen angels263712013-12-12 18:20:512013-12-27$20.00
T CLACity of ashes262152017-03-16 15:23:122017-03-30$10.00
T CLACity of bones270422017-07-11 14:16:182017-10-13$10.00
T COLHUNGER GAMES246172011-04-21 15:54:192011-05-05$17.99
T COLCatching fire256242012-05-10 18:30:122012-05-24$18.00
T COLMockingjay78718652014-06-20 15:13:022014-07-07$13.00
T COLHUNGER GAMES262832014-07-25 14:50:392014-08-08$18.00
T CORAccomplice78753482018-11-20 14:08:262018-12-18$10.00
T DANGhosts by gaslight: stories of255662012-08-16 13:05:352012-09-13$15.00
T DASThe maze runner263322017-03-16 15:13:322017-03-30$16.99
T DASThe Scorch trials281732017-03-16 15:13:322017-03-30$10.00
T DASThe Scorch trials78765572018-05-15 17:20:272018-05-29$10.00
T DASThe maze runner78714872018-05-15 17:20:272018-05-29$16.99
T DAVStar Wars: Book One78766132017-12-14 15:39:062017-12-28$15.00
T EPHThe GIRL WITH THE MERMAID HAIR240692015-01-26 14:42:142015-02-09$16.99
T FITHush, hush78728122015-05-22 14:28:132015-07-09$15.00
T FITHush, hush78735132016-08-30 10:13:262016-09-13$10.00
T FITCrescendo78728132016-08-30 10:13:262016-09-13$19.00
T FLIBeastly78736912018-06-05 16:26:582018-06-19$9.00
T FORIF I STAY223232011-05-10 12:54:142011-05-24$16.99
T FORIf I stay78764502018-06-05 16:26:582018-06-19$11.00
T GARTHEN RED NECKLACE225352013-10-22 14:09:002013-11-05$8.99
T GOLDEEP IN THE HEART OF HIGH SCHO240942010-08-25 16:57:002010-09-08$17.00
T GRAGone266302013-08-22 12:46:232013-09-05$18.00
T GREThe fault in our stars268452014-07-25 14:50:392014-08-08$18.00
T GREThe fault in our stars78743802017-01-26 14:21:072017-02-09$18.00
T GREPAPER TOWNS225332017-03-16 15:13:322017-03-30$9.99
T HAWA YEAR IN EUROPE–3 NOVELS225232010-11-18 13:50:562010-12-02$7.99
T HAWLABOR OF LOVE225212011-08-30 14:03:492011-09-13$5.99
T HAWSNOWED IN225302011-08-30 14:03:492011-09-13$5.99
T HIAPANAMA240832016-10-21 10:24:462016-11-04$29.95
T HUBThe SECRET YEAR240932011-05-10 12:54:142011-05-24$17.00
T KAGThe iron queen256302012-01-13 13:08:272012-01-27$10.00
T KAGThe iron king256312015-01-14 14:29:332015-01-28$10.00
T KAGThe iron daughter256232015-01-14 14:29:342015-01-28$10.00
T LEWThe chronicles of Narnia256272011-07-22 10:26:232011-09-23$20.00
T LUCSTAR WARS EPISODE VI RETURN OF240562013-06-20 14:54:572013-07-06$19.95
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T MCDI’LL BE SEEING YOU177182011-03-02 16:44:552011-03-16$5.99
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T MEAShadow kiss78724772014-12-09 15:48:362014-12-23$15.00
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T MEYNew moon222122010-12-07 17:01:572010-12-21$10.99
T MEYNew moon7882012-07-14 11:28:532012-07-28$11.00
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T MORRuined: a novel266722018-05-15 17:19:302018-05-29$6.00
T MORThe 10078763202018-05-15 17:20:272018-05-29$10.00
T MURThe GOOD GIRLS GUIDE TO GETTIN240962012-08-16 13:05:352012-09-13$17.00
T NOEEvermore223222011-06-15 15:34:142011-06-29$9.95
T NOEShadowland263822012-06-12 15:54:082012-06-26$18.00
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T OHBDeath note. — Vol. 1, — Boredo14952013-04-04 16:42:062013-04-18$10.00
T OHBDeath note. — Vol. 3, — Hard r14982013-04-24 17:02:042013-05-08$10.00
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T PAOBRISINGR223952017-04-12 12:37:362017-05-18$27.50
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T SMIShadow souls262432013-11-06 16:52:452013-11-20$25.00
T TOLThe return of the king: being 78732792017-04-12 12:39:092017-05-18$12.00
T TOLThe two towers: being the seco78732812017-04-12 12:39:092017-05-18$12.00
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T VELBEING DEAD124132010-12-13 16:40:092010-12-27$17.00
T WESPretties268412012-09-21 15:07:042012-10-05$18.00
T WESUglies264572013-12-09 13:21:432013-12-23$8.00
T WISBOYS, GIRLS AND OTHER HAZARDOU240872010-11-03 15:53:392010-11-17$18.00
T YUMLibrary wars. — 2, — Love & wa194602014-03-24 14:43:252014-04-07$10.00
T YUMLibrary wars. — 1, — Love & wa194612014-03-24 14:43:252014-04-07$10.00
VID 21J21 Jump Street13412012-09-17 16:30:522012-10-01$18.00
VID 40DVideo : 40 days and 40 nights272362013-08-21 12:38:322013-09-04$10.00
VID ABOAbout a boy12542018-05-09 11:54:322018-05-23$10.00
VID AFTVideo : Aftershock: Earthquake in New 222452010-07-29 13:19:002010-08-12$10.00
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VID BENVideo : Benji276582014-07-28 11:22:462014-08-11$10.00
VID BEN-LVideo : Benji: For the love of Benji276672014-07-28 11:22:462014-08-11$10.00
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VID BIRVideo : The birdcage197392018-08-07 12:26:312018-08-21$10.00
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VID BLAVideo : THR BLACK CAULDREN227452014-06-12 13:45:512014-06-26$10.00
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VID BORVideo : BORN TO BE WILD166622011-08-03 10:17:402011-08-17$12.95
VID BRAVideo : The BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER166922010-09-07 13:11:002010-09-21$12.95
VID BRAVideo : The BRAVE LITTLE TOASTER GOES 168592010-09-09 12:56:002010-09-23$12.99
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VID BRIVideo : Bridesmaids78731012016-09-21 14:43:292016-10-05$20.00
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VID CHAVideo : Chappelle’s show — Season two 78723902014-10-29 15:23:522014-11-12$20.00
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VID CHRVideo : A CHRISTMAS CAROL204842012-05-03 12:17:152012-05-17$10.00
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VID CINVideo : CINDERELLA MAN174132010-09-28 11:49:002010-10-12$12.95
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VID DEVVideo : The devil wears Prada196652013-06-14 15:03:192013-06-28$10.00
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VID EMPVideo : Empire: two worlds collide78711852013-10-30 15:15:162013-11-13$2.00
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VID ETE.T., the extra-terrestrial6782011-07-14 15:59:422011-07-28$10.00
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VID KATVideo : MARIE ANTOINETTE247352011-03-28 10:44:292011-04-11$10.00
VID LAZVideo : Lazytown — New superhero /78731612018-01-05 14:08:472018-03-28$10.00
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VID LIT 1.1Video : Little house on the praire.: S12062012-08-13 14:11:042012-08-27$10.00
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VID LOSVideo : Lost in translation12502013-04-04 12:31:422013-04-18$10.00
VID LOVVideo : IN LOVE AND WAR231642010-12-09 17:47:012010-12-27$10.00
VID LOVVideo : Love’s Abidibg Joy264062012-05-03 12:17:152012-05-17$10.00
VID LOVVideo : Love Comes Softly264032012-05-03 12:17:152012-05-17$10.00
VID LUCVideo : The lucky one194972012-11-26 14:04:512012-12-10$15.00
VID LURVideo : LURED INNOCENCE214582014-01-03 16:32:272014-01-17$10.00
VID MADVideo : Madea’s family reunion: the mo14572013-01-22 16:06:472013-02-05$10.00
VID MADVideo : Madea’s big happy family14542013-04-18 13:21:492013-05-02$15.00
VID MADVideo : Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Ja78724022015-05-22 14:52:412015-06-16$10.00
VID MAMVideo : MAMA MIA247342011-03-28 10:44:292011-04-11$10.00
VID MANVideo : The MANY ADVENTURES OF WINNIE 166572011-08-03 10:17:402011-08-17$12.95
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VID MICVideo : MICK239722010-05-18 16:45:002010-06-01$19.95
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VID MONVideo : Monster272272013-04-04 12:31:422013-04-18$15.00
VID MOUVideo : MOUSE HUNT214142012-09-17 16:31:372012-10-01$10.00
VID MR.MVideo : Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium260532015-04-03 12:14:552015-04-17$15.00
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VID NEXVideo : Next Friday78717062014-06-03 14:46:292014-06-17$5.00
VID NICVideo : Nick picks. — Volume 178711862018-01-05 14:08:482018-03-28$2.00
VID NIPNip/tuck — The complete third 78728442016-09-21 14:43:292016-10-05$25.00
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VID NOTVideo : The notebook78718862014-06-03 15:04:572014-06-17$28.00
VID OCEVideo : OCEAN’S TWELVE201962011-05-03 11:05:042011-05-17$20.00
VID OFFVideo : An OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN191172010-04-26 12:37:002010-05-10$19.95
VID OLIVideo : OLIVER, THE OTHER REINDEER199012010-07-01 15:05:002010-07-15$8.00
VID OPEVideo : OPEN RANGE238652010-05-11 13:02:002010-05-25$15.00
VID OUTVideo : The Out of Towners222432010-12-09 17:47:012010-12-27$10.00
VID OUTVideo : OUT TO SEA222152012-08-15 16:55:232012-08-29$10.00
VID OVE OVEVideo : Overboard222382013-12-11 14:55:572013-12-27$10.00
VID PARVideo : PARADISE191082011-08-30 14:03:492011-09-13$19.95
VID PASVideo : PASSENGER 57198262010-09-28 11:49:002010-10-12$15.95
VID PATVideo : PATRIOT183872010-04-26 12:37:002010-05-10$16.95
VID PATVideo : Patterns of evidence, Exodus78743842016-09-21 14:43:292016-10-05$20.00
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VID PETVideo : PETER PAN166702010-04-26 12:40:002010-05-10$12.95
VID PETVideo : Peter Pan12382016-06-28 15:11:412016-07-12$10.00
VID PIGVideo : Don’t let the pigeon drive the194802018-01-05 14:26:152018-03-28$10.00
VID PINVideo : PINOCCHIO239692011-10-18 14:33:442011-11-18$19.95
VID PIRThe pirates who don’t do anyth11982013-07-02 10:43:132013-07-16$13.00
VID POKVideo : POKEMANMON 2000 THE MOVIE229702010-05-10 15:46:002010-05-24$10.00
VID POKVideo : POKEMON–PIKACHU PARTY229732011-07-14 15:59:422011-07-28$10.00
VID POKVideo : POKEMON THE FINAL BADGE229742013-10-28 14:28:062013-11-12$10.00
VID PONVideo : My Little Pony — A very Pony p78714292014-10-13 11:54:252014-10-27$10.00
VID PRIVideo : CLASIC WESTERNS–9 CLASSIC EPI213972010-04-06 15:02:002010-04-20$10.00
VID PRIVideo : PRIDE AND PREJUDICE PART I AND216992011-06-08 16:35:192011-06-22$20.00
VID PRIPride & prejudice12622013-08-21 12:34:022013-09-04$10.00
VID PRIVideo : The princess and the frog14482015-04-03 12:14:542015-04-17$15.00
VID PROVideo : PROOF OF LIFE201722011-06-08 16:42:512011-06-22$10.00
VID PSIVideo : PSI FACTOR-Chronicles of the P241572010-05-28 16:25:002010-06-11$10.00
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VID REDVideo : RED DAWN184062011-05-03 11:05:042011-05-17$16.95
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VID RESVideo : RESTORATION201662011-06-08 16:42:512011-06-22$10.00
VID RESVideo : RESCUE FROM GILLIGAN’S ISLAND222272018-06-05 11:27:302018-09-26$10.00
VID RIVVideo : A river runs through it195862013-08-08 15:55:352013-08-22$10.00
VID ROBVideo : The LEAGUE OA EXTRAORDINARY GE204752010-01-25 12:49:002010-02-08$13.00
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2nd Annual Woodstock Wildflower Walk to Prevent Suicide: Boots Against Bullying!

In conjunction with the Alabama Suicide Prevention and Resources Coalition, Woodstock, Alabama, announces an April 14 date for the second annual Wildflower Walk to Prevent Suicide and Bullying. The theme of this year’s 2:00 p.m. event is, “Boots Against Bullying,” and will feature children’s author JacQuan Winters and noted anti-bullying speaker, Angela Locket. Along with ASPARC, the event is co-hosted by Woodstock First Lady and suicide awareness advocate, Cheryl Dodson, who was featured in the S-Town Podcast.

Register for this free event at www.ASPARC.org/wildflower-walk

“Walk with us in Woodstock, AL to plant a field of wildflowers in memory of those we have lost to suicide and in honor of those who fight daily for their mental health. Join us to learn what groups in Alabama are doing to reduce bullying and youth suicide, and how you can help!”

  • Register to plant wildflowers in memory or honor of a loved one
  • Your loved one’s name can be included on the memorial sign at the field
  • Optional $10 donation to cover event expenses
  • Bring your boots! Your shoes will get dirty!
  • Hear groups from around Alabama talk about how they’re helping our youth

Featuring Alabama author JacQuan D. Winters, writer of “Kristen’s Rainy Day” and Angela Lockett

Woodstock Town Hall

28513 AL-5, Woodstock, AL 35188

Sunday, April 14 – 2:00pm

Memories of a tragedy

The Woodstock Community Library in Bibb County, Alabama is located just a few blocks from the site of a tragic train crash that happened in 1951.

Our patron, Mr. Wade Tibbs, was a young boy then and shares his memories of that time in the above video.

We are blessed to know Mr. and Mrs. Tibbs and look forward to their weekly library visits.

Mr. Tibbs retired from Torme Grocery in Bessemer after a long career as a meat-cutter and market manager. He also served in the Alabama National Guard for over 30 years.

Mrs. Gloria Tibbs is a well known local crafts woman who is famous for her artistic and intricate pine straw baskets. She’s also a voracious reader and delights the library with her faithful Thursday attendance.

Details of the train crash of The Crescent and The Southerner are taken from court archives.

“On November 25, 1951, defendant’s railroad train, the Crescent, normally running between Montgomery and New Orleans over its own rails, was proceeding southbound at Woodstock, Alabama, over the plaintiff’s tracks, due to a detour caused by a damaged trestle on defendant’s line. The detour was made under an arrangement ruled by a written Detour Agreement between the parties. Such train was being operated by plaintiff’s employees, and defendant had only one employee thereon, who was there solely for the purpose of keeping a record of the tickets for interline accounting. Plaintiff’s northbound train, the Southerner, entered the main line from a passing track, in violation of orders and signals, and a catastrophic, head-on collision ensued.


The collision occurred about 2:35 p. m., approximately three-fifths of a mile north of the small station of Woodstock, on plaintiff’s single track line of railroad. Approaching Woodstock the track runs generally in a north-south direction. At Woodstock a siding 1.62 miles long parallels the main track. Certain changes were made in plaintiff’s operation of this section of its railroad effective October 10, 1951, about six weeks prior to the accident. On September 24, 1951, plaintiff issued a bulletin addressed “To All Concerned” announcing that changes would be made in train operations, signals and interlockings on this section. Paragraph 1 of that bulletin notified plaintiff’s employees that a centralized traffic control system would be placed in service. Paragraph 2 thereof notified that trains or engines would be governed by block and interlocking signals, whose indications would supersede the superiority of trains for both opposing and following movements on the same track. Paragraph 4 stated that interlocking switches and color light signals would be placed in service at Woodstock at the north and south ends of the siding and at other stations named therein.”

For more: click here.

Meet Bobby Whatley. 83 and still going strong!

Mr. Bobby Whatley is a friend to the Woodstock Community Library and is a wonderful example of how keeping busy keeps you going.

He’s 83 and still works full time as a security guard at Mercedes-Benz. He also visits the Woodstock Senior five days a week to fellowship with his friends in the community.

Bobby has a wonderful collection of Bibb County and Southern history books. He’s also written a book about growing up in the Piper area of Bibb County.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Bobby, you’ll never forget him.